Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finally – Internet

Apache Junction, AZ  High 71  Low 49

Heard Dad’s truck pull in


We didn’t realize that the Verizon wifi gadget needs to be updated on a regular basis and we were about 10 updates behind. We also found out that it’s battery had been overcharged and when that happens the battery swells up. And guess what – it doesn’t work properly when that happens. The Verizon store doesn’t stock the batteries so off to Batteries Plus and $43 later, we have a new battery.

Now I’m hoping to be able to stay on line long enough to at least read some blogs.

Jim went fishing three days last week. Several guys in the park are lined up to go with him whenever he heads out and they are all having a wonderful time.

Monday night was our cribbage group. We may be small in number but we sure do have a lot of fun.


Mom! Dad’s not sharing.


On Friday, Vern and Polly came over with Vern’s welding machine to fix our hitch for us. This is the bar he welded onto the capture plate.



Now I can quit worrying about the capture plate bolts being sheared off. Even if that were to happen again, the bar would stop the trailer from moving around like it did in Quartzsite.

After Vern finished up we took them to Elvira’s for lunch. We hadn’t been to Elvira’s since they remodeled the restaurant. The food was still excellent and the remodel job was fantastic. Lots of bright colors.





I forgot to take a picture of Spike all dressed up for Valentine’s Day. The wind we had was pretty hard on him. He got knocked down a couple of times.








That about sums up our week. We’ve had a few gorgeous, sunny days but another storm is moving in Tuesday night and it’s going to be cold and rainy on Wednesday.


  1. Good welding job you should be in good shape. Didn't know that I could over charge my Verizon wifi, I leave it plug in all the time, I had better stop doing that. Such cute pictures of the girls today. Spike looked pretty well decked out. Have a great new week!

  2. Never heard of over charging either. We also leave it plugged in.

  3. Good tip on the Verizon wifi battery.... thanks

  4. I don't know how you survived so long without internet. Mine was down about 24 hours and it drove me nuts! OK, nuttier. :)

  5. Overcharging? Maybe that is why ours doesn't stay "green" very long anymore. Changes quickly into the yellow range. So, it might have been overcharged..... :((

  6. glad you got your 'connection' working again! without the internet?..that would be roughing it!!

  7. Glad all is back to normal...can't function w/out the computer!

    I love your doxies...way cute!

    Until. next time....

  8. Sure glad you got that fixed. You certainly don't want it falling off again.

  9. Glad the welding is done and you won't have to worry any more. Love going, going, gone!

  10. Looks like all that sitting up just wore Skittlez out! Cute pictures of the girls.

  11. Too bad Verizon doesn't clue you in when it needs updating.

  12. It's amazing what a few updates and a new battery will do for a wifi device!

    That sure looks like a real skookum bar on the hitch - nice welding job.

  13. Hi, Sandie! Glad you're back in cyberspace! I am sort of for as long as I can sit or lie down but propped up, I should say.

    Love those pups. They are so cute. My son's Weimeraner was here, yesterday. I swear, the minute you touch his head to pet him it's like you put him in a spell. Going, going, gone pictures remind me of him. Love S&S.

    iPhone tip:/ Update it each time you change locations and once per week. Dial *228 and option 2-wait until it's finished an it updates the towers the phone can find (I think). I'm sure you know this, but just in case. :)

  14. Glad you are back online again. It's hard to lose touch. Great pictures of the girls. They are so cute.

  15. Welcome back to civilization! That welding job is terrific, you'll have peace of mind now. :c)

  16. The first pic of the girls waiting by the door cracked me up. Bennie does the same thing. When I was home last Summer and left Bennie with my Mother she said she always knew when I pulled into the driveway because suddenly Bennie would jump off the couch and run to the door.

  17. We left our Mifi plugged in last summer all the time too, didn't know it would cause a problem. Verizon always notified us when we needed more memory.
    Cooper sits up on his haunches too, so cute when they do that.
    That is wonderful news for Jim and you too.

  18. Those fur kids! What a hoot. We have a cribbage board, but have no idea how to play.


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