Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Picnic

Apache Junction, AZ  High 56  Low 40

We got Paul to the airport yesterday with no problems. That is always a good thing. So he is in New Zealand enjoying warm summer weather. While we are here in AZ and still having our cold weather. The wind has calmed down and the rain has gone on its way. The end of this week looks really promising.

Today was the Montana State Picnic at Pioneer Park in Mesa. Dianna, Judy and Don (sister and hubby) and Jim and I decided we’d go check it out. There were probably about 150 folks there.


This picnic has been ongoing since 1944 and in all that time it has only been rained out once. You sign in under the county you lived (or live) in and maybe there are names of others on that list that you might know.

There was absolutely no one that either Dianna, Judy, Don, Jim or I knew. Rather hard to believe. Especially since I lived in four different counties. You would think Jim or I would know somebody.


It was almost warm out in the sun but in the shade it was cold and I was sure glad I had my coat.

Talked to a few folks. Had a hot dog and then headed for home. Don’t think we’ll go again.


  1. Yuma is definitely warmer than AJ - especially the overnight low's. But not by much. I want it warmer also !!!

  2. Sorry you didn't know anyone there, but good that you were out and about!

  3. I think it has been chillier everywhere this winter. At least you can " been there, done that!"...

    Until next time....enjoy!

    1. Oops! Meant to least you can say, " been there, done that"!

  4. I always thought you were famous, can't believe there wasn't anyone there you knew! Or maybe they just wanted to stay away from an IRS worker... :cO

  5. Always nice with a picnic outing on a beautiful day.

  6. Given how often we run into people we know when we aren't expecting it not knowing anyone else there would be an even bigger disappointment than usual. But, at least the weather was not bad. I want WARM!

  7. Cold days are slow but at least you found a picnic....

  8. Good thing you brought some people you knew with you. :)

  9. It certainly has been chilly around here. Now this morning everything is wet outside. What gives? Our heater is running and I have a blanket on me. We're not liking this one bit.

  10. We are thinking about suing the state of Arizona for false advertising. It's sunny during the day but COLD overnight.

  11. It was OK here last night. Just OK. Today, after rain this morning, the sun is out and windows are open.


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