Friday, January 4, 2013

Still working on that list.

Apache Junction, AZ  High 58  Low 38

Today we accomplished:

buying dog food

mailed the birthday card

got propane

stocked up on books

bought printer ink and a few groceries

went to dinner with great friends

visited with the neighbors

The best part of the whole day was going to dinner with Jeri, Terry, Paul, Dianna and Bobbie. We went to the #1 Eastern Super Buffet. A Chinese place that we really, really like. Jim and Jeri go for the seafood. Terry likes the Mongolian grill. Dianna and Bobbie take a little of just about everything. Me, I go for the orange chicken, the fruit and those little dessert cookies – kind of like elephant ears. (no pictures)

However, Scooter thought the best part of the day was going with Dad to get propane. She loves to go for a ride if I’m not going. She gets to sit in the front seat with Dad. If I’m along, she’s relegated to the back seat. When Jim grabs his keys she looks at me to see if I’m going to get my coat on. When she sees I’m not moving, her whole body starts wagging.

Now Skitz is the exact opposite. She hates to go anywhere and she gets really excited when Mom stays home with her. 



  1. It was fun. It's always fun when we get to share some time with you and Jim.

  2. Wish we were there. I guess we need to move Arizona closer to the East coast...

    Cute the different personalities of your furry kids. :c)

  3. nice that you got some things crossed off your list! and a dinner out too!! say hi to Jim for us and the girls too!

  4. Let's see how I do with your list:
    buying dog food--no dogs so don't need this
    mailed the birthday card--will send an e-card on the 10th
    got propane--no propane system so don't need this
    stocked up on books--too many in my eReader now but I do need to transfer some from my computer to my reader
    bought printer ink and a few groceries--no printer so no need for ink
    went to dinner with great friends--this one I'm looking forward to doing
    visited with the neighbors--mine came back from their holiday today and just watching them carry in everything they brought back wore me out. I'm to do a demo of my Scoot for them before I leave here.

    But, I'm finally catching up on my blog and email reading in preparation for not having time to do that once we gather.
    And I've been working on cutting to size new curtains for my rig so you all can help me take down the day/night shades I can't get out of their brackets.
    Still have grocery shopping to do.
    And I need to make a stop at an auto parts store.
    Then I think I'm ready.

  5. The two dogs really do have very opposite personalities!!

  6. Aren't our pets just the funniest things!

  7. Aren't pets a riot. They sure bring smiles to our faces and joy to a dull day!

  8. Tell Jim not to forget his tools. You know how he is the designated repair service.

  9. So your are saying that Scooter takes after Jim and Skitz takes after you. One kid for each parent...that is nice.

  10. Wow, you really had a hard day. hehehe
    Isn't it amazing how dogs have their own personalities. They are just people with four legs, a longer tail bone and fur....kinda

  11. We ate at #1 Eastern last time we were in Arizona on your recommendation and we liked it. Any place in Arizona sounds good right now.

  12. Angel is ready anytime I reach for her leash


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