Thursday, January 3, 2013

Checking The List

Apache Junction, AZ  High 63  Low 37

Truck – lube, oil, filter – check

Truck – transmission external filter changed – check

Dianna – driving lesson – check

Dianna – trailer moved – check

La Mesa RV finally finished all the odds and ends of things that needed to be fixed on Dianna’s RV. The floor needed to be replaced, the shower stall glued to the wall, the outside shower hose leaked, the table had big gouges in it. You know, those things that are wrong with every brand new RV.


Putting the towing mirrors on.


She needed to move it from the RV lot to the storage area that belongs to her housing development. She decided she was going to do the driving as long as Jim was riding with her. Wow, she did an excellent job. I followed them and the only thing I could tell her was that occasionally she forgot to use her turn signal.


She was going to try and back the trailer in but it was a really tight turn with a Jeep in the way so Jim backed it in for her. Just a little practice and she’ll be doing the backing up just fine.


As a thank you, she took us to dinner at Outback. Now that is a great payback. Now we need to plan a trip for her. She was going to join us at Q but her plans got changed.

Now on to the other million and one things on our list.


  1. Since I've got my laptop on wifi at the motel... my blog updates my blog list. I click on yours and UP pops the faces of your dawgs..

    JEEEEEZ that's cute. huge screen with their little faces... HAHaaaa

    Nothing to do with today's post ... but it just cracks me up when my screen fills with their little faces...

  2. nice to be able to help a friend out! good for you and her for embarking on a new adventure!

  3. Nice that she has you guys to help her out. Enjoy Q!

  4. Good deal! Nice to have friends like you to help out. I'm sure Jim helped her confidence level to go up by riding with her.

  5. Nothing like pay it forward! Oh how we hope to see you in Q!

  6. Such a feeling of accomplishment, to be able to hook up and move your own rig. I will be thinking of you guys in wonderful Q. I'm here in snowy fridged Ohio.

  7. So glad you two are there for her. She is much braver than I.

  8. I know from experience that she appreciated your help. :)

  9. Backing is the hard part. We all know how to go forward. That's what they have pull-thru sites for. Now why isn't she joining you at "Q"?

  10. I'm sure there are others that she could tag along with on their way to Q and just meet you over there. If anyone leaves early, Jim could ride back with and then ride back over with Diana. We'll figure out how to get her there. Or maybe, Jim will decide to go get the boat and fish on the Colorado.

  11. Nice to get all those jobs done on the rig. Backing up can be a challenge some times even for veterans and getting some help is always better than getting a few dings and dents.

  12. Sorry we aren't going to meet her.

  13. What good friends you are.

    I'm still learning to back my RV. I did really well getting onto this site. That made me confident enough to come back after dark on a day of running errands. So, much for confidence. I didn't actually hit anything. :)


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