Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Emergency Room and Pot Luck

Parker, AZ   High 75  Low 44

No, it wasn’t Jim this time. Denise has been really sick and on Monday morning when she wasn’t any better, Jim and I took her to the doctor. When I went in to talk to the nurse, I explained that Denise was having trouble breathing and the nurse said take her to the emergency room in Parker.

Sure glad the highway patrol weren’t around because we made it to Parker in record time.

The place was packed with sick people so I made Jim sit outside in the truck. Sure don’t need him picking up any germs.

The diagnosis was a severe case of bronchitis and emphysema and they kept her overnight to give her some breathing treatments.

Update: Denise is home and doing better. She’s still extremely weak and it’s going to take awhile before she’s back 100% but she’s on her way.

Jim and I finally got back to camp around 3:30. We were both exhausted.

At 4:00 was our group’s potluck. Needless to say I didn’t get anything made but there was plenty of food anyhow.



After we ate, the Class of 2012 Freshman lit our campfire and Jeri presented mortgages to burn and graduation certificates to all those who hadn’t previously received them.

Jim and I didn’t last very long at the fire. Home to bed.


  1. All this sickness going around is sure scary. We have fortunately escaped it all. Those who haven't sure have been down for a long time. Glad your friend is doing better.

  2. Sandie, I just don't know what I would have done without you guys and all of your Group. And knowing me, I would likely have never gone to the Hospital if you hadn't hauled me there. LOL

    So disappointed that I am missing all the campfires, food, getting to know the new folks etc.


  3. So glad Denise is better. She is lucky to have friends like you.

  4. Another good example of how we take care of each other, nice job guys.

  5. Good of you to look out for "Sassy". She would have just holed up there in her RV and only gotten sicker. Hopefully there was some antibiotics prescribed.

  6. Good news about Denise being released.

    I still have my graduation certificate that you presented to us.

  7. Good thing you insisted on taking her in! Good on you. :)

  8. Glad that Denise is getting better. She was even outside yesterday and on the mend.

  9. Well, that emergency room at Parker is the place to go, it seems! That's where I ended up while I was having my heart attack on December 18. It's a very up-to-date facility with a caring staff. Glad they could help Denise.

  10. From your post title, I was thinking you got some medicinal marijuana from the emergency room visit.

    You are a true friend, indeed. Denise is lucky your were around.

  11. Good thing you went to Parker, as I just read that Blythe Ca is rated as the third worst hospital in the nation... Anyway get well Sassy! And yes Sandie and Jim are about the best friends you could have....

  12. Other RVers are great friends especially in emergencies. Thanks for taking care of our other RV friends.

  13. Glad it turned out okay, you sure are getting a lot of medical experience.

  14. So glad Denise is doing better - great of you guys to drive her to Parker. Sounds like she could have been in trouble if she wasn't treated. It's so hard to know when to go and when to wait longer.

    Last January I opted for the closer Hospital in Blythe, where they did all kinds of tests and mis-diagnosed me as having air in my stomach. they inserted a tube through my nose into my stomach to withdraw the air. NOT fun!

    The next night I was having part of my lower intestine removed in San Diego. Never again will I go to Blythe.


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