Thursday, January 10, 2013

Check, Check, Check, and a Slight Delay

Apache Junction, AZ  High 70,  Low 42

Tuesday morning we picked up my sister and headed out to the bread store. That’s where we were headed when we got our WARNING.

A couple of years ago we found the Alpine Valley bread outlet store at Country Club and Southern in Mesa. They have the best sunflower loaf I’ve ever eaten. And the best thing, it’s only $.50 a loaf. 

  • Bread – check
  • Said good-bye to Aunt Happy – check
  • Went to Costco and filled the freezer with meat – check
  • Jim packed everything away from outside – check
  • Jim did other stuff outside – check
  • Laundry – check
  • Dog food – check
  • Toe nails done – check
  • A bunch of other stuff – check

Our buddy Paul is going to Australia and New Zealand for a couple of months and is leaving his rig and truck (MDT) in Mesa. The truck needs to be run occasionally so Jim had to learn how to start it. After the lesson, the three of us headed to Dianna’s for a fantastic ham dinner.

After dinner we decided to check out Rustler’s Rooste. Supposed to have good country music and we though we could do a little dancing. Wrong.

This guy greeted us as we walked up to the door.



The band and dance floor are down on the first level where you have to order food to sit down there. The bar area is on the second level, far away from the music. Very strange set up. The band sounded pretty good when we walked up to the railing.


They do have a slide from the second floor down to the dance floor and yes my dear hubby had to try it out. (notice all the children)


We sat in the bar and had one drink and then left. We also checked out the menu and it’s pretty pricey. Not sure we’ll be back.

Bobbie and Paul


Jim, Dianna, and Kathy


Not sure why there’s a nutcracker here but a good photo op.


When we got home we checked the weather. Oh no!! On Thursday they are showing wind gusts up to 50 mph in Quartzsite with lots of blowing dust. We do not move in that kind of weather so our trip to Q is being put off until Friday. Guess that means we get to relax on Thursday because everything is done.

Also, the temperatures are going down, down, down. Lows in the 20’s during the next five or so days while we’re in Q. Now isn’t that fun. But we’ll be with great friends and that will make up for it.


  1. Blowing dust in Quatzite would definitely not be a day to move. We got caught in a dust storm in Albuquerque and had to set up. I had sand in my ears and nose for days!

  2. Oh well, so much for the "Rustler's Roost". Probably just as well that they made it too difficult to eat there. Better for you.
    I see Jim is in good form. The surgery is a distant memory?
    Bundle up.

  3. lol... love the slide picture... hahaa - surgery smurgery.... good for Jim

  4. You just cannot take the little boy out of some people:)

  5. Everything is checked off, now the weather just needs to cooperate. Thanks for the review of the Rustler’s Rooste, we won't be heading down there anytime soon! Safe travels and have fun.

  6. Are things sliding downhill for Jim? Sorry, Jim, couldn't resist--good for you! But not good about the wind and cold temps in Q. :(

  7. Back in my working days, our company used to go to that hotel and golf resort to have meetings... That they could write off.... And one night of each meeting we would do the evening meal at the Rooste.. It was fun the first time, but after that it seemed more dirty and the food was just so so.... But the view outside is beyond anyone's ability to mess up..... LOL hope the wind dies down and you get off to Q....

  8. We won't be heading to Q-site if it is that cold. Don't really need that. Stay warm!

  9. I made it to Q before the wind picked up. Just minor rocking of the rig so far. I'm parked with a different group right now but plan to move over by Toni--probably Saturday.

  10. "Toe nails done – check" !! LOL

    Sooo looking forward to seeing you guys again and spending some time together. It's gonna be COLD COLD COLD for sure.

  11. Good choice to avoid the wind, when you do move, safe travels.

  12. Oh wind in an RV is so nerve racking...yikes. Here in Indiana it was 55* yesterday. Hard to believe we are warmer than you. Loved the slide picture.

  13. I did not like driving in the wind, no, i did not!!!

  14. It is so good to see Jim acting like a kid. Just think how blessed he is to be feeling so good when just a short time ago, he could hardly walk. Thank you Dear Lord!

  15. We love that restaurant. It is spendy but boy do they serve great steaks. Thank goodness the worst of the winds aren't going to be hanging around. It's almost time for you to get on that road and head west.

  16. That picture of Jim is priceless. What a kid!!!

  17. Those lower 20's are hard to take, aren't they. I'm experiencing them just about every morning lately. But I hate to think of the hot summer that is probably ahead of us.

  18. We arrived in Parker on Friday and it was pleasant enough that Happy Hour was held outside instead of in the pavilion. See you on Wednesday.


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