Friday, January 18, 2013

Campfire and Vets

Quartzsite, AZ  High 70  Low 42


The weather finally cooperated and we got to have our first campfire. By the time I’m getting around to posting this blog we have actually had three campfires.


Our group has grown to 17 rigs. Everyone has been busy wandering from vendor to vendor trying to help our the economy.

And the Dixon’s – well they’ve been busy learning new things. Jan is showing Jim where the hot water electric switch is located. Jan was very proud of herself that she knew something Jim didn’t know.


Karen came over to visit me and we ended up getting locked in the RV. Everyone else was outside working on Jan and Bill’s generator and couldn’t hear us screaming for help. Not that we were in danger, we just wanted to get out the door. I tried calling Jim but he couldn’t hear his phone. Thank goodness John heard Karen calling. The door would open from the outside but not from the inside. Jim had lots of help getting the door apart.


Jim is pointing at the piece that is broken. We were really lucky. There was a small RV parts store in town that had exactly what he needed and the door works once again.


Scooter’s ear was healing so nicely we decided not to take her to the vet. But Skittlez got sick. She started wheezing and sneezing and then acted like she was gasping for breath. We headed for the Vet’s yesterday morning. We got there at 8:45 because they are supposed to open at 9:00.There were already five other folks in front of us and the office didn’t open until 9:25. We had no choice but to wait.

Animal Clinic in Quartzsite


When we finally got in to see the Vet, he was really a nice guy. He had owned the Animal Hospital in Blythe, CA and opened the office here in Q two afternoons a week. When he retired he opened the clinic in Q during the mornings from 9:00 to 12:00.

He checked out our Skitz and determined that she has a respiratory infection. Gave her an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic shot and gave us some antibiotic  pills for her to take and we have to go back either Monday or Tuesday for another check up. She is doing better. She doesn’t wheeze as much and only acts like she can’t breath when she gets too excited or wound up.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the desert.


  1. better to be locked in or out?..that would be a tough call! enjoy all the company! sounds like fun!

  2. Nice to have so much help, hope Skittlez is back to 100 percent again soon!

  3. Now that made me laugh you being locked IN instead of out. Glad someone finally heard you. Get well soon Skitz

  4. And a good time was had by all...poor puppers tho, 1st one then the other :)

  5. Not a good feeling when you can't get out of anyplace. Hope bot the fur kids are 100% soon.

  6. Somebody has to fix the economy, it might as well be you willing Quartzsite RVers!

  7. Geeez getting locked in in your RV? How did you guys manage that?
    We will be coming up with the trailer the coming week. Hold off a spot for us, right?

  8. Poor Skitz. Glad to hear she is doing better.

    How scary to get locked in your rv..and potentially dangerous. Glad you got it fixed. Our bathroom door sometimes locks and I've freaked out being locked in there a time or two.

  9. I hope Skittlez gets better quick! Looks like a fun time in the Q.

    Are you guys planning on going to Gillette, WY for the Escapade this summer? We're thinking that's a good time to leave Texas for a few weeks.

  10. Didn't you get locked inside before? I think it may have been in the MH.

    So happy y'all are having such a wonderful time. We miss being there but are so glad you are all together again.

  11. Angela left one morning when I was still asleep and lock the door with the key from the outside. When I woke up I could not get out.I had to call her on the cell phone to come back and let me out.. Not a good feeling

  12. Good thing that you got locked in when you did. If you and Jim had gotten locked in while boondocking alone out in the middle of nowhere it could have been a real problem.

  13. Not the first time, nope! And last time you had to climb out the window.

  14. Well Jim might not have known where the water heater switch was but I'd bet he's the only guy who knows where to catch a fish at Quartzsite. ;c)

  15. butterbean carpenterJanuary 19, 2013 at 12:22 PM

    Howdy Sandie,
    Poor Skitz!! Please, get her well, as she's now on our prayer list; so glad Scoot's ear is healing up fine, that ointment will heal ANYTHING!! Joyce cut her finger TO THE BONE, put that stuff on it, put a Band-Aid on it and 4 days later THERE WASN'T A SCAR!!

  16. We had our door lock do that to us one time. I took it apart from the inside and then wecould open it.Got a new door lock Not fun

  17. I've been locked out with Angel inside. I had a skinny Workamper crawl in a window and fixed the door myself.


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