Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oak Creek Canyon

Near Flagstaff, AZ  High 84  Low 64


Our friend, Dianna, had suggested last week that we drive up to Oak Creek Canyon to see the Fall colors. Figured Tuesday would be a great day since the long week-end was over and the weather was to be perfect.


Except that there isn’t much color yet. It was still worth the drive through the canyon. We took Dianna’s car and drove up almost to Flagstaff and then came back down the canyon to Sedona.


There were still a whole lot more people and cars than I expected. Made it difficult to stop anywhere and take pictures. Most of the turnouts were full of cars and if you tried to slow down the cars behind you got really impatient.


P1000874Dianna hates to have her picture taken but I did sneak this one in. One of these days she’s going to realize or at least accept the fact that I take pictures.



P1000871The Native Americans have set up stalls to sell beautiful hand crafted items.


Found these pretty flower on the path we took back to the parking lot from the vista point. I bet it is beautiful in the spring. 


P1000889Anybody have any idea what these are or what they’re used for? They were on the path through the trees and were all along the path. They appear to be part of the path structure.



We were going to stop at Sliding Rock State Park but with Jim’s leg he couldn’t walk that far so we pressed on towards Sedona. And, of course, the rock gets so much redder the closer we got.


Took way too many beautiful pictures. If you’re in the area, this is definitely a drive you need to take. Have to include a cloud picture.


One thing did mar the day. As we neared the Vista Point, there were several police cars on the side of the road and we could see a sheet covering a body. Found out later that a mother and son had each committed suicide there together. My heart breaks for them. I know life is hard but there just has to be another answer.

Jim Update: Still don’t know much. He has to have more tests on his leg tomorrow. No blood clots, so that is good news.


  1. Those pretty flowers are Asters. So dainty.
    So glad Jim has no blood clots. Praying that whatever might be the problem, the doctors can get Jim well quickly.

  2. Boy we sure hope Jim's leg troubles aren't serious. My feet don't seem to be getting any better but I guess I have it better than some.Give the furkids a pet for us and stay warm. We are heading for colder weather soon. here at the Ranch. Gotta get the fiver winterized and cover this week. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. Thank heaven that Jim doesn't have clots. Hope the doctors get to the bottom of it quickly.

    You used to work for Candid Camera, didn't you? ;c)

  4. Great trip. I remember driving through that area, sure would like to do it again:)

  5. I visited Sedona with my sister some years back. I'm looking forward to seeing it again someday with Craig.

  6. Great pictures. The suicide was kind of strange. Not good mommying, If you ask me.

  7. That cloud photo is fantastic! I enjoyed my drive through and around Sedona last year, definitely beautiful rock formations. :)

  8. Praying for Jim's leg problem and his physicians. That cloud photo is super!

  9. We love Sedona - prettiest place in Arizona!

  10. Sedona - one of our favorite places in AZ. So much beauty there. Nice picture of Steamboat Rock. Oak creek Canyon holds some special memories too. Sorry about Jim's leg problems but glad to hear he doesn't have blood clots.

    I agree with you - there has to be a better answer. So sad for that mother and son.

  11. I'm so sad to think anyone hurts that much. To think they see no options.

    Hey, we're in NFS land outside VOC. If you get the notion, we could meet you for a cuppa.

    whotookmybucket at gmail dot com

  12. We have those little flowers here in Indiana. That is so sad that the mom could not figure out another solution. To take your child's life is something I cannot even imagine.

  13. Hope Jim's leg is better soon! I bought a beautiful silver bracelet which I still wear on a visit to Oak Creek Canyon--we were on our way to hike into the Grand Canyon.

  14. We had that same plastic stabilizer mat under the trails at Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR. Helps with erosion and makes some areas usable for wheelchairs.


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