Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jan and Bill Save Us From Boredom

Apache Junction, AZ  High 93  Low 65

The boat is still in the hospital. Oh woe is Jim. Haven’t heard anything from the doctor yet on his leg tests so no news there. And here we sit.

BUT – Jan and Bill pulled into our park on Thursday and saved the day.


They bought a new Montana Mountaineer Fifth Wheel and it is gorgeous. They have a four door fridge – I am so jealous.

Just look at that fridge:


Had them over for dinner Thursday night. Fixed some pork chops with fried apples and stuffing and peach cobbler for dessert. Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Bill wanted a macerator. He had one on their old fifth wheel and he missed it. So they ordered one and had it shipped to us. Guess what Jim has been installing for the last two days.

The beginning:


The clean dump:


The almost finished result:


Last night Jan and Bill took us out to dinner to say thanks. Not sure what they’re thanking me for. I certainly haven’t done anything but I’m sure glad they included me in the party. We went to the #1 Eastern Super Chinese Buffet – one of our favorite restaurants in this area. First time we’ve been there this season and it was just as fabulous as it’s always been.

Jan had a couple of other small jobs that needed Jim’s tools. Needed to drill a couple of holes to run the cord.


One of the screws on the table wasn’t screwed into the floor and the table kept trying to tip over.


But all is done. Now I just need to convince Jan and Bill they need to stay a couple of more days for fun.


  1. Keep your appetite wanting more from the Eastern. We loved it!! I still don't understand why anyone would want a macerator. It's only when the "stuff" is leaving the rig that it chops. Right? I just don't get it.

  2. now that they have relieved your boredom, can you send them our way!

  3. Please tell them both Hi from us.

    So nice to see friends helping friends. You four have a wonderful time together.

  4. We're all jealous of that 4 door refrigerator.
    Beautiful camper.

  5. I agree with Paul and Marsha. It is always great when friends can help friends and have a great time doing it.

  6. I love how RVers help one another. One of the reasons I am confident about this solo snowbird bit is I know I can go to Rainbow's End and get any help I need to help me get started on this next adventure. The I may come camp next to your guys so you can feed me and Jim can fix things. :)

  7. Glad they saved you from all that boredom, or at leaast Jim!

  8. Hey, I have some broken stuff here in the motorhome......... And if you are really that bored.... Nah, I have to get stuff fixed before we leave, not after we arrive... Might need it for the trip.... Have fun, and chase that hot wx away... Rod

  9. Yeah Jeri - Doug said the same thing. Why do you need one.

  10. Decided I couldn't catch up on missing all the blogs I read! Sorry about your hand. Hope Jim's leg is better. Are they testing for sciatica? Take care. Love and pats to S&S. :)

  11. Sandie you forgot to mention that you helped Bill with his forwarding e-mails. OK, we decided to stay for more fun.

  12. Nice of Jim to help out with those RV tasks. That big refrigerator is very nice.

  13. I would like to try out one of those Mc dixsons.


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