Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not Sure I Can Handle All This Excitement

Apache Junction, AZ  High 103  Low 72

Excitement #1. They sealed the roads in our RV park which left us stranded on our own little island. We weren’t supposed to walk or drive on the sealant for 24 hours and there is no way to get off our block without crossing a road. And you know what, that was just fine because we didn’t have any plans to go anywhere.


Excitement #2. The Cardinals and Redskins both on their football games on Sunday.

Excitement #3. We went to visit Aunt Happy. She is eager to hear the candidates debate tomorrow. She continues to amaze me with how sharp her mind is.

Excitement #4. We went to Mesa to check out my sister’s park model for her and found that she has termites. They have been a problem for her in the past so she is really grateful that we get it taken care of before she flies down in November.


Only one very slight problem. Her air conditioning isn’t working and it must have been 130 degrees in her place. We were really happy when the terminator was done drilling his holes and applying his chemicals so we could get out of there.


Excitement #5. This one was truly fun. We met up with Dianna at Allison’s Texas BBQ for dinner. Had a wonderful visit and great food.

Hey Jeri – Winco is now open in Mesa!!

I just want you to know that I am still reading blogs just not commenting quite as often. I’m having some problems with my hand and typing is a little bit of a struggle.


  1. I must admit I did get quite excited when you sent me a text about Winco opening! That's just one more reason to stick around that area. Not sure I would be thrilled with having to stay put for 24 hours in one place. Seems they could have planned that sealing a little better. I wouldn't have been thrilled with the temperature at Aunt Happy's either.

  2. As long as I had a couple of beers on ice I think I could be stranded for a while.

  3. Winco, did you say Winco? I love to do my grocery shopping at Winco! I miss going there when I travel. I may have to travel to Mesa just because they opened a Winco Foods!

    1. Hey Carol, there's one in Eugene too lol!! Now you can come visit me!

  4. I agree with Gypsy, a cold high life light and a recliner and I would be a happy camper. Hope all is well and I go through the same thing with comments, some days I comment away and others I have writers block. We know you still love us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  5. I have never been a prisoner in my own home. Glad you had enough food and water to see you through the crisis.

    We hope that pain in your hand goes away very quickly. Enjoy your week.

  6. Some of the roads in our park were sealed a week or so ago. Fortunately not our own, but we had to detour in and out of the park, and could not get to the dumpsters and recycling area. Oh well, one bag of garbage sitting around wan't TOO unpleasant!

  7. I was just wondering about the two of you!..glad to hear all is well!
    take care of your hand!

  8. I could give you a hand!!

    At first I laughed about being "sealed" it but then I realized that something might happen and you would have to get out. Other than that, Doug and I would love to be sealed in for about a week.

  9. Good thing you got sealed in. After all the wild and riotous fun you've been having, you needed to stay put for a while... ;c)

  10. As long as they give enough notice about the sealing we can cope. We had to get a permit to park on our street one night when they sealed the cracks at our place since Dave had plans to be out and about that day.

    Somedays I comment and some days I don't. Doesn't mean I'm not reading when I don't. Usually means I got caught up in some project so am hurrying through my blog reading.

  11. Hi Sandie.....read this post and your last. Glad Jim is progressing nicely....i know that can be a worry. Didn't know you had a sister down here.....good for you. It still doesn't look very cool down there....and having termites makes it really nasty.

    We are in Texas heading home soon....

    Stay well and happy,


  12. I like 'no excitement'. Yup, That suits me much better than all the 'mis' adventures I've gotten myself in to !! LOL

  13. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your hand but at least you have some excitement to keep you occupied!!

  14. Way too much excitement, you need to take a break and relax.

  15. So glad to see a post from you guys...you are usually the first ones to post on Sadie's blog and haven't seen anything in a while. Was a bit worried about you!

  16. I love it when we can't go somewhere. Then you don't feel guilty about the things you should be doing.


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