Saturday, December 31, 2011


I started this blog post two days ago and then I got interrupted by fun and sun.

IMG_3885 Jeri and Terry got moved into their site in our spot Friday morning and Denise moved her rig so it was more level. Jim and I watched all the excitement and did nothing.

I am just so very, very happy to be sitting in the sunshine in the desert.

IMG_3887 Denise took off to run an errand in town. Jim, Jeri and Terry started to put up the “clubhouse”. I sat in the sun and watched. She doesn’t like to sit in the sun like I do. She keeps having to move her chair around.

IMG_3884 Denise found Barbara and Katie from Me and My Dog at the dump station and brought them over to spend some time with us. She is parked just up the road a couple of miles. Looking forward to spending some more time getting to know her.

IMG_3888 The clubhouse project took many hours. The pipes were too tall and had to all be cut down. Thank goodness for Jim’s sawsall. It took awhile to figure out how to put all the pieces together. Then the tarps weren’t as large as they needed to be, so the pipes need to be cut some more. Too much work so it will wait until tomorrow.


I sat in the sun and watched. 

We have lots of open desert around us for any rigs that may want to join us here.








I am happy.


  1. And I am happy being able to spend some time with you guys !! Thanks for letting me hang out with you.

    hmmmm, You seem to be sitting in the sun doing nothing a lot !! LOL

  2. I can't sit in the sun for very long, I'm always looking for a shady spot and last summer I bought a big floppy hat to wear in the sun.

  3. It wouldn't be any fun without some chaos going on somewhere. Have fun soak up some sun for us and watch a few of those beautiful sunsets. We will certainly miss all of you. Hope to be back on the road soon. Happy New Year!
    And keep Jerri out of trouble!

  4. I'm tired all over again just reading your blog!

  5. Save me a chair! I loooove the warm sun!

  6. so wish we were in the desert with you all!!..instead we are here where it is green and wet!!

  7. Happy to hear you arrived at Q. Enjoy!

    Happy New Year to both of you!


  8. Looks like a good spot!! And people are getting together, how fun!!

  9. Happy New Year to you two too and all of your friends also.
    So glad you are sitting in the dessert in the hot sun and watching everything going on. I like the sun with some shade and in a boat on the water holding a fishing pole and catching fish. I like wading in the water but not swimming. And also I love the mountains for hiking and 4 wheeling and snowmobiling. The dessert is nice but I prefer the greener pastures and cooler temps. I had fun in Cancun but I don't like a steady diet of it be honest, I don't like a steady diet of any of it....I guess this is one time that I don't mind change. I'm usually the one who says "CHANGE!!" I don't like it!! HAVE FUN, SEE YOU WHEN YOU GET BACK. MAYBE WE WILL SEE YOU IN FEB. WE PLAN A TRIP TO NEVEDA.

  10. I am so glad that you are so glad. I love to sit in the sun also!!!
    CLUBHOUSE...boy ya'll have come a long way!
    Enjoy the first day of the new year!

  11. Tough job you had sitting there, but then every undertaking needs a supervisor of sorts. :)

  12. I love the idea of sitting in the sun but, as you know, it only takes me a few minutes to start burning. So do some extra sun sitting for me, OK?

  13. Oh I wish we could load up Jazzy and occupy one of those spots! You all have fun 'sitting in the sun' and keep us updated!

  14. Never can get too much sunshine, or fun! Thanks for sharing.


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