Saturday, December 10, 2011


It’s been a week since I’ve posted anything. And what a hectic week it has been.

My sister arrived Monday afternoon and we had to make Panda Express our first stop. Dumped her off at her place and then got ready to play cribbage.

Tuesday, my sister had several things that needed to be done at her park model and she also needed to go to the grocery store. Finally got back to our place in time to have dinner and watch a little TV.

Wednesday, we went to the Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon and then Doug and Carol came over to visit for awhile. After they left, I called Aunt Happy. Her cataract removal was a disaster. This is one lady that you never hear feeling sorry for herself or feeling down but she was really down in the dumps. So we headed up to see her. I’m not sure what went wrong but the doctor had told her she might lose her sight in that eye. I felt so bad for her. We stayed with her for awhile and got her dinner for her.

After we left her we stopped to see my sister. She’s not doing well either because of her Restless Legs. She also has termites and the exterminator can’t come until Monday. Never a dull moment.

Thursday Jim had a doctor’s appointment with the spine doctor to review his MRI. You know things are a little iffy when the Physician’s Assistant looks at the MRI and goes wow. And it’s really bad when the doctor looks at it and goes WOW. But the good news is that the doctor is sure that he can give Jim quite a bit of relief from his pain.

His surgery is scheduled for January 10. In between he has to have an appointment with a General Practitioner and a Cardiologist. Have everything all scheduled. The doctor is going to perform a laminectomy which is a minimally invasive surgery to scrape out some of the bone that is crushing down on his nerves. We are really excited about this. Changes our plans for going to Quartzsite in January but more about that later.

We also stopped in to see Aunt Happy because she had another doctor appointment in the morning. She was feeling much better because the doctor told her the chance of her losing her vision in that eye was very slim. They have to do another surgery next Wednesday and are doing some kind of an implant. She doesn’t really know what went wrong or exactly what they are doing. But we are going to be with her next week when she has this surgery done. Back over to check on my sister. Still not doing very good.

We were also trying to get some Christmas shopping done for the Giving Tree at Church. Have I told you how much I hate to shop? And especially at this time of year. We even went to the Mall.

Friday we finished up the shopping and wrapping for the Giving Tree. Talked to Aunt Happy and Judy on the phone to see how they were doing.

Then we went down to Casa Grande for a party at Jan and Bill’s with Ed and Alice, John and Karen, Dave and Sherry, Vern and Polly. Really had a great time. So much fun we didn’t take any pictures. Probably a good thing or I could have used some of them for blackmail.

Today Judy wanted to do some shopping and we needed to pick up a couple of other things so we went to Kohl’s. That wasn’t too bad because there weren’t all that many people there. Quite tolerable in fact. Stopped over to Aunt Happy’s and she was busy getting ready to play bingo. Had her hair cut and was back to her optimistic self. Amazing.

Dropped Judy off and we came home. Wrapped all the packages and are watching TV and falling asleep.


  1. No wonder I haven't heard much from you. Heck, you didn't even respond to my last text. I figured you were really busy. I just didn't realize shopping was part of it. I certainly dread going to the mall this time of year...ugh! Hate it that you can't do the reunion but know we'll be able to get together before it.

    I'm still charging up those batteries for Jim and I won't tell everyone what batteries I'm charging for Jim!!

  2. Life as a blogger: either doing too much to have time or doing nothing so have nothing to say. :)

  3. I feel terrible that your aunt's cataract surgery didn't go well. I'm interested to know what type of surgery they are going to do next, and I'm keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Praying for you both, my dear sweet friend. May God's hand of healing and the fresh air of His Spirit surround you and JIm.

  5. I want pictures. Was Bill showing off his carvings. Sounds like fun!

  6. Glad to hear they think they can help Jim with his back.

  7. You have been so busy, no wonder you didn't have time to blog. :)

  8. WOW you have been busy. Glad to hear Aunt Happy is doing better and pray that her eye will be fine. Sure hope Jim is able to get some help for his back too. Don't forget to take some time out to rest and enjoy the season.

  9. Wow...things have been crazy for you haven't they?

    I'm so sorry about Aunt Happy's surgery. Is she confident she has a good doctor? I'd be a bit concerned at this point.

    I hope the surgery can relieve Jim's pain.

  10. You were missed! No moss growing under your feet.

  11. Sure glad to hear your Aunt's going to have another procedure on her eye - hopefully, it will be successful.

  12. Wow!! You have been busy! I am so sorry things didn't go well initially for Aunt Happy but maybe this next thing will be just what she needs to get her eyesight back to normal. Sounds like her spirits are already back!!
    Sounds like the doctor is very optimistic about Jim's back! We will be keeping all these folks in our prayers.

  13. When you say Ed and Alice, is that Big Ed Allard and his lovely lady? If you see them again and happen to think about it, tell them hello from the LeRoys.

    Always enjoy the monthly SKP luncheons, but had to miss that last one in Benson, and will have to miss the next one (this Wednesday) too.

  14. So glad to hear that they can get Jim back to a pain free life. Went for my MRI this week and I'm hoping to hear that they can do something, too.

    Sorry to hear about Aunt Happy, but glad that it's not as bad as first thought.

    I'm not quite sure what restless legs are, but from what I've heard, it's pretty uncomfortable. Hope they find something to help your sister.

    You HAVE been busy

  15. WOW !! I'm exhausted just from reading all that. That is BUSY.

    Now Jim's surgery - laminectomy - now that's a word I haven't heard in quite some time. I had that exact procedure done when I was only 39 years old !! I can't even begin to describe the pain I was in - I thought I'd never be able to walk again !! And look at me today.

    If you guys can't make it to Quartzsite then I'll just have to come to Apache Junction to see you.

  16. We have had several friends who have had a laminectomy. All are doing so well. The pain has gone away and they are now living a full, exciting life again. Prayers for a successful surgery!

    So glad that Aunt Happy got good news. What a week it has been for that poor woman!

  17. Medical issues always cause stress and so many at once must be hard to deal with. We are sure hoping that they all work out great:)

  18. Oh dear sound busier than "A one armed coal miner" my dear aunt Ruthie would say.

    Try and stay calm.



  19. Sound like you have a lap full. Praying for sucessful surgery for Jim and Happy

  20. Wow, sure sounds like you have had a busy week. So sorry to hear about your Aunt Happy having problems with her eyes sure hope everything works out for her durning her next surgery. Hope everything goes well with Jim as well, it must be so annoying to have such back pain. Hope next week is a litlle smoother and better news.

    Kevin and Ruth

  21. Best wishes that Jim's surgery goes well and he gets relief from that pain for good.

    Can't keep a good man down!

  22. Wow, you sure have a lot going on. Hope things get better for all, and you have some time to relax.


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