Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Jim hasn’t been feeling good the last couple of days. Some kind of stomach bug. Hopefully today will have him on the mend again. The girls love it when one of us doesn’t feel good because they get to spend the day curled up in bed with us. One of their favorite things besides eating.

I’m still nice and cozy and warm. Especially since Jim isn’t feeling good and likes the heat.

Yesterday on Facebook our friend (Vaughn) had posted that he was going to be at a restaurant in Mesa last night for dinner. He’s from Glendive, MT and was only going to be in town for about 12 hours. He had some business that needed to be taken care of down here. So I decided to surprise him. I’ve known Vaughn for 30+ years. He’s one of the best pals I’ve ever had but it’s been three or four years since I last saw him.


Headed out in plenty of time to find the restaurant, or so I thought. Jim just didn’t feel up to going with me and I haven’t driven the truck in awhile so I left way early. Good thing I did because I couldn’t find the stupid restaurant. My GPS quit working and even though I had the address of the place, I couldn’t find it. I finally gave up and called. They are tucked in the back of the parking lot behind an IHOP. Must have driven by it six times. It was dark out – about 7:00 p.m.

Vaughn was definitely surprised to see me because he didn’t realize that Jim and I were even in the area. (He’s not very good about computer stuff so following my blog doesn’t exist in his world.) He also doesn’t have a cell phone. He still has a land line. Unbelievable.

He really didn’t expect as many people to show up that did. So he had a very pleasant surprise. Didn’t get much of a chance to visit but it was so fun to see him again. He’ll be coming to Todd’s wedding in June so we’ll get a chance to see him again.


Nando’s Mexican Restaurant. Vaughn’s favorite place and I thought it was okay. Kind of expensive – my two taco’s with rice and beans was $11.00.


  1. I had the stomach stuff for three days. All I did was sit in lazy boy and sleep. Didn;t eat much either

  2. Hoping Jim feels better, soon. I left a message for you and him on my blog about the epidural steroid shots--just realized he won't need them, he's on his way to a PERMANENT fix. I sure hope I'm a candidate if it comes to that, but time will tell. Take care. Happy holidays.

  3. Jim, hope you feel better soon. Sandie, I'm glad you got to meet up with your friend. Stay warm!

  4. What fun to meet up with a really "old" friend.
    Hope Jim feels better fast. That stomach stuff in going around in Ohio too!

  5. meitzelmetal@bresnan.netDecember 20, 2011 at 4:18 PM

    Hi you guys,
    Hope Jim is feeling better and that you don't get the "STUFF" either. You sure don't need that right now before Christmas. Love you guys!! Bill and Carol

  6. Aren't "old" friends fun to reconnect with? Hope Jim gets to feeling better soon 'cuz next week you're heading to "Q" to meet us!! Well, that's after we get back down there.

    Get well and Merry Christmas.

  7. It's easier to sneak up on friends who aren't constantly hooked up to the internet. But first you have to somehow find out where they will be. :)

    I hope Jim gets well quickly and that you don't get it.

  8. Nice detective work! Looks like a great time with your friend, even if the tacos were expensive.

    I feel bad for Jim, no fun being sick. Nice of the "kids" to keep him warm and toasty in bed.

  9. Hope Jim feels better so he can enjoy all the Christmas treats:)

  10. Always nice to connect with an old friend. Hope Jim is feeling better soon.

  11. Get well soon Jim. Wow, high priced tacos.


  12. Oh how fun to catch up with old friends. That's a gift!

  13. hope Jim feels better soon!!!..good job on finding the restaurant!!

  14. meitzelmetal@bresnan.netDecember 21, 2011 at 8:31 AM

    Thanks Sandie for the Christmas Wishes..the same to you two.
    Hope Jim is a whole lot better and that you stay well too Sandie.
    And yes, we are supposed to have SNOW for a WHITE Christmas starting today but they say the weather on Christmas Day is supposed to be beautiful

  15. Hope Jim feels better real soon - Christmas is coming soon with lots of great treats to eat!

  16. Good morning Sandie....I've been to Nando's....It is indeed hard to find if you don't know it is there.
    Hopefully Jim will be on the mend soon.

    Happy holidays to you and your family,


  17. can't get the email to work :(
    Sandie, did not mean i am at death's door or anything like that, just have to use some humor here or will worry and have decided i am NOT going to do that! they say sip, sip, sip, move, move, move- rest and restore. I DO feel it is a great thing to be doing for myself and it is exciting to be heading towards something new and not the same old, same old. thank you for your support!


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