Friday, December 23, 2011


Jim started feeling better on Tuesday and by Wednesday he was ready to go.  To the doctor that is. This time it was for a CAT scan of his lungs. These doctors are really thorough and are going to make sure Jim is ready for surgery before they do it. Won’t know any of the results until the 4th of January.

After he got back from the doctor’s office he was still feeling good so we went to the Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon. While visiting with Jan she mentioned that she had bought a couple of pairs of our favorite shoes at the Easy Spirit Outlet.

I need to explain these shoes. After breaking my ankle and rupturing my Achilles tendon, they put a couple of screws in my ankle. If I wear shoes with an ordinary back of any kind, they rub on those screws and really hurt. I tried wearing clog type shoes but I have a lot of trouble walking in those and my feet and legs would cramp.

At the Gypsy Journal Rally in 2010 I commented on the cute sandals that Jan was wearing. She let me try them on (we wear the same size) and I fell in love with them. They have an elastic strap on the back that doesn’t slide around so it doesn’t rub on those stupid screws. I immediately went on line and found the shoes and ordered a pair. Cost me $60 and they were worth every penny.

Since this is the only shoe I wear, they are really looking very sad. When Jan mentioned the outlet, I immediately told Jim that we were heading there after the luncheon. Jan was going to stop there on their way home because she ended up with two left shoes and needed to exchange them.

This is the result of our stop at the Easy Spirit Outlet on Baseline and Power in Mesa. And it’s all Jan’s fault.


And no, Jim was not left out either.


Aunt Happy had a follow up appointment this morning. They did some laser treatment because the pressure in her eye was too high. As soon as they relieved that pressure, her eye quit hurting (not totally but definitely bearable) and she felt good enough to bet on the ponies this afternoon (the wooden ones that they “run” at her complex. Her spirits are much better.


  1. And to think I own one pair of sneakers - yup that's it !!

    BTW, You guys still heading to Q next week ?

  2. What? No Hushpuppies for the Doxies?? ;-) I can relate to the foot problems, but from what I hear, the achilles tendon really hurts! I've had two foot surgeries now. I had ligament repair surgery in 2005 & tarsal tunnel surgery 4 weeks ago. My right shoe of notsochoice right now is the orthopedic boot!

  3. I don't have any screws in my heels, but I can't wear shoes with backs either. I have a pair of Clark's mules that I alternate with a pair of Haflingers clogs. Both feel wonderful, and the Haflingers cost enough that they should feel super. I would like to find another pair of Birkenstocks also. Glad you found that outlet!

  4. WOW...Christmas came early this year. You have a pair for every outfit...good job!
    So glad to hear about Aunt Happy!

  5. All I can guess by that photo is you got one fantastic deal!! However, you need to run back and pick up a few more pairs to make it one for each day of the week.

  6. It looks like a shoe-in for Christmas! :)

  7. Glad Jim is feeling better, and your aunt too!
    we have reservations at Lost Dutchman in Feb., so we should be able to hang out! I am planning to hike as much as possible.

  8. I like moccasins and a one pair of fluffy blue slippers. Glad to hear Jim is feeling better. Your guys and the fur babies have a great Christmas I know you will. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  9. Very smart move. When you find something that works, stock up! So glad that da man is feeling better. Merry and Blessed Christmas to you two.

  10. Wow you bought shoes for all of us!

  11. Good Shopping! They do look very comfortable.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  12. Those open toes would be my downfall. :)

  13. So do we blame Jan or Sandy because Jo really likes her Easy Spirit shoes also and to find out there is an outlet nearby, oh you guys are in so much trouble.

    We sense a run to Mesa to the outlet and #1 Eastern Super Buffet, maybe we could meet for lunch.

  14. I can't wear shoes with heels either because my heels are the only skinny part of me so shoe heels slip and make blisters. Fortunately Crocs work for me. I buy ones with no holes in the tops of them so most people don't realize they are Crocs. I also have some sandals with strappy backs that I wear when I cannot get by with Crocs--maybe once every other year.

  15. I can't wear shoes or sandals without a back strap. I have a different brand with the back elastic strap and they are my favorite shoes to wear.
    Merry Christmas!


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