Saturday, December 3, 2022

Trying To Bring The Blog Up To Date


 Apache Junction   High  68  Low 45


 It has been so long since I've made a blog post I'm not sure I remember how.  So this post will hopefully not be too long as I bring it up to date.  Lots of pictures.


I survived the long hot summer. Had to replace one of the air conditioners and bought a portable air conditioner which made all the difference in the world.

I took many cloud pictures.  But I'll only post a couple here. We had a wet monsoon season this summer which we really needed. I'm hoping the Rockies get a lot of snow this winter to help with the drought that the southwest is suffering from.

 One day I decided to take a drive out to Saguaro Lake which was probably not a good thing to do. This is where Jim always went fishing and I wasn't ready for all the sadness that swept over me.


I also sold Jim's boat to the most perfect buyer. Reid and Jylan, neighbors in the park, were beyond helpful in that effort. They ran all the ads and then ran interference for me with all the people that wanted to check out the boat. Finally a couple came by to check it out and ended up buying it. The man has four sons (like Jim) and wanted to be able to spend time fishing with them which was Jim's most favorite thing. Made it so much easier to say goodbye. 

People started returning to the park in September which was a lot of fun. 

Halloween week-end turned out to be the best of times. Todd and Michaela were here to visit. 


I had a list of things I wanted Todd to do for me and he finished most of them. One of the major ones was to take his stuff out of the shed.  Then in November we had a part wide patio sale and I really cleaned out stuff! I can now find things.


The other was to clean the inside of my car and clear up the headlights. Success.

They took some wonderful pictures on their trip so this next part will be heavy with pictures I want to have in my blog.

 Todd grilling chicken wings for us.

 Working on the list.

More pictures from their trip that I really like.

I look so old in this picture but it's so good of the kids. Michaela is feeling really good and her baby bump is starting to show. We are all so excited for Eli to arrive.

Found this picture of Jim and I when we were in Richmond, VA.

Ginny and Mickey invited Paul and me to their house for Thanksgiving dinner. The food was fantastic and the company was very special. 

This catches us up on my world. Hopefully it won't take me another two or three months to post an update.


  1. So good to hear from you Sandy and glad you're able to spend time with family. Your headlights look great and mine need it bad.

  2. Good to get an update on your life. Change is so hard and it takes a lot of time to make all the adjustments. Glad Todd and Michaela were there to help you out. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Excellent update. It won't be too much longer before you're a grand mother. I'm glad the kids came to visit and help with some tasks in the house and shed.

  4. Didn't think I was going to be able to comment. asked all kinds of questions,
    Anyway sure happy to see a blog from you. You have been busy and how wonderful the visit was with the kids. Lots of things cleaned out and the sale must have been great.


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