Friday, December 30, 2022

Merry Christmas and a very Joyous 2023

 AJ.  High 56.   Low 43

Christmas Eve at my house.

 Jim's favorite holiday drink was sparkling apple cider. I toasted him and played some Christmas music. My first Christmas without him. I sure do miss that man.

 On Christmas day Paul and I were invited to Ginny and Mickey's for dinner. A fantastic meal with good friends.

 On Friday before Christmas my grief support group had a luncheon. These women are so strong and have been such a blessing in my life. It truly is a safe, non-judgmental place to be.

And boy can they put on a spread.

One of the women made this ornament for each of us. The cardinal is Virginia's state bird and Jim was from Virginia. He loved those birds, even the females which aren't near as colorful as the males. 

 A cardinal's spiritual meaning is that of love. Cardinals are part of symbolism and whenever you see one, it signifies that a loved one is visiting you.


Had my left cataract removed on Wednesday so it is still trying to adjust to seeing the world differently. My next appointment is the end of January and hopefully by then I can get a new prescription and new glasses.

New Year's Eve will find me in my pajamas in my living room, maybe watching the ball drop in New York. I want to wish each of you a joy filled 2023 and many visits from cardinals.



  1. It does take adjusting especially the first year. Even after that you will see something that will bring back memories, but it will get easier.
    Nice to see you are getting about and keeping busy with Family and Friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the coming New Year 2023.

    It's about time.

  2. So nice that you are surrounded by good friends. Happy New Year Sandie.

  3. We don't have cardinals in the West... it was special when i would see them in Iowa.. It was a special thing for my friend and i.. everytime i see one on a tea towel or a picture of one... i think of it as her visiting me. When we went to the beach last March, the little house we rented had a picture of one over the sink and i felt her with me the whole time...
    wish you a happy and merry!!!! and yes for many cardinal sightings!!!

  4. Happy New Year Sandie--hope all goes well with the next cataract surgery!

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR SANDY!! You where givin a beautiful ornament of love. I will also be in my PJ's as I stopped celebrating new years 13 ago when I lost my husband on that day.

  6. Your grief support group sound like very very special people. May 2023 hold some new adventures for you. Can't wait to see the world thru your new eyes:)

  7. That is quite the spread! Love that ornament, she is quite talented!


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