Sunday, September 18, 2022

Red Is The Color

 AJ, AZ   High 98   Low 70

Today was a really special day. Todd and Michaela's friend, Kalli (thank you), threw a gender reveal for them.

I wasn't able to go to Montana for it so they did it on FB for us to be able to join in.  They did not go for the traditional pink and blue (thank goodness). Green has always been Michaela's color and Red is Todd's. 


So, naturally, Red was for a boy and Green was for a girl. I loved how they had the box rigged. When they finished the countdown a little remote control Mickey Mouse (they are Disney fanatics) car came out of the red box towing a small red banner. It was fantastic.




Now I can hardly wait to meet Eli James in person next February.
 I sure do love these two and I know they are going to make fantastic parents. And, course, I will make a marvelous grandmother because I can really spoil him.  And then give him back.



  1. Now that is different !! Well congratulations to you Grandma and Parents and very best wishes for that little boy Eli!!

  2. What a cute idea!!! Original.. Made a tear come to the eye...The name is so special.. Congrats all!!!

  3. I love the little car coming out of the box. Very cute!

  4. The Todd Father. I love it. so cute.


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