Monday, February 6, 2023

January 2023 - Boring


Apache Junction, AZ   - cold and rainy

January was a really boring month so let's just get this posted.  The weather was the most "exciting" thing to happen. Now remember, this is from Apache Junction down in the valley in the desert in Arizona.

We had one of the rainiest winter months I've ever seen down here. For awhile we all felt like we needed to grow web feet. And when it wasn't raining it was cold. (it's all relative) I know that 30 degrees isn't cold to a lot of you, but I was freezing a whole lot of the time. Day time temps would get into the low 50's but with the cloud cover it seemed colder. 

I had several doctor appointments that all went well. Got those out of the way for hopefully another year. Had lunch one day with Ginny, Mickey and Paul. And that's about it.

The best thing was getting these pictures from Todd and Michaela. Can hardly wait for February 25 for Elias to arrive.

I am ready for February.




  1. I bet you are ready for February--how exciting!

  2. Hope you stayed fairly dry. We now have rain heading our way. It will get rid of that dirty white stuff.
    Looking forward to pictures of Elias.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Happy all your medical issues were good. Your daugher in law looks beautiful!
    Yes it was a really crappy Jan. weather wise and it still is. We did have those 3 days of 70's just enough to make us happy and then bam right back down again, next week looks nasty.


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