Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Road to Challis, ID

 Challis, ID   High  83   Low 54

The drive from Arco to Challis was really pretty. You drive through the valley with mountains on both sides. It's also a short drive - 80 miles. A couple of windshield pictures for you to enjoy.

This is Grand View Canyon

 Main Street in Challis, ID

We stayed at the Round Valley RV Park. The sites are huge. Long and wide but not level because it is built on a small hill. 

This was our neighbor in the next site. Notice the distance between us.

 Lots of empty sites. The park was never anywhere near full the four nights we were there.

 We did have fun visitors wander through one morning.

Tomorrow we go looking for some ghosts.



  1. Ohh, ghosts. Can't wait to hear.

  2. Nice big sites instead of reaching out the window to shake hands with nieghbors. Can't wait to hear about you ghost hunt

  3. I've spent several stops at Challis Hot springs when the owner was alive it was great..
    They then got a very unpleasant manager and I haven't been back since he showed up..
    The park was almost empty and he put me under a tree with low branches filled with birds doing a number on my rig..Pooo..
    Then he put a buddy of his close to me who even ran a generator all day even with electricity at the
    sites..It was a great place to explore the town and the Custer Motorway to the dredge.


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