Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Honey's RV Park and Memorial Day Remebrance

Honey's RV Park. This is not your typical RV Park. It belongs to a guy named Scar and his dog Ruby. Ruby rules the park. Several times a day she roams her park making sure the prairie dogs and other critters are behaving themselves.  


Scar has installed some electric sites and invites you to visit his home free of charge. But before you head to Honey's you really need to visit his website so you can know what his rules are.  

Honeys RV Park 


 After reading his website you really don't know what to expect when you get there. He does play reveille and says the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. He appreciates if you join in. You will find that Scar is a really generous and nice guy.

He allowed us to spend Memorial Day Weekend because we just wanted a place to be off the road during the very busy week-end. We found a level spot and plugged in. 

Scar has a campfire (if the wind isn't blowing) every night and everybody is welcome to join in. Jim went down several times. There weren't very many rigs taking advantage of this place to park over the week-end but we did have a few over nighters. 

Scar is also creating a pet memorial area where you can plant a tree or just put up a post with a picture to honor your pets. We bought a cardinal dogwood for Scooter, Rocky Joe, and Skittlez. Scar planted it for us along with our post. He also put a solar light on the pole. After we left, he put our name on the post. He waters all of the plants and trees every day. 

If you do go to Honey's please be sure to leave a donation to help him out with his electric bill. We will be visiting Honey's again on our way back to Arizona.

On Memorial Day we went to the museum which was open and free. There was a gentlemen at the park who had served in the Navy. He was very knowledgeable and had some interesting stories to share.


This submarine was named the USS Hawkbill but was often called the Devil Boat because of the number on her hull.

This was a wonderful way to remember all those who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy.

From Arco we ended up in Challis, ID for some ghost hunting. 



  1. I would love to visit Honey's; what a wonderful man and land!

  2. what a character!! But great place to stay sort term...

  3. That is so cool to be able to donate a tree for your lost pets and to have it marked also.

  4. You find the most interesting places. Who cares what outside looks like. You brought your cozy little home with you.

  5. Nice to see the security officer on patrol! :cD


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