Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sometimes the Weather Just Won’t Cooperate

Price, UT  High  44  Low 33

After leaving the Heber Valley, we spent the next three nights at the Blue Cut RV Park near Price, UT. There’s not a lot to see in this area except beautiful country.

Blue Cut RV Park has really close sites but the people are super nice. And it also has the required train tracks right across the road.


The view from our window.


Without the train


On Monday we decided to take a drive up to Nine Mile Canyon. Nine Mile Canyon is called the World’s Longest Art Gallery because it has  at least an estimated 1,000 petroglyphs and pictographs rock art sites, with more than 10,000 individual images. 


We got a late start and it was snowing on us as we headed out. The canyon is up in the mountains and the petroglyphs are about 24 miles up into the canyon on another winding, curvy road. The higher we climbed the colder it got.


After driving for almost two hours, we stopped to let the pups out and with the wind blowing, I nearly froze to death. At this point, I told Jim all I wanted to do was go home and have a cup of hot chocolate.


We did, however, get a few really good pictures.





  1. Brrr! Your photos are beautiful. I can see the brisk fall weather shining through!

  2. What would a campground be without the ambiance of a nearby train track? ;c)

  3. Oh gracious. If I have a choice, no cold for me.
    I see Fall is inthe air. Beautiful photos.

  4. Campgrounds and train tracks kinda go together at times!! We had that a couple days ago except it was big trucks (road noise).
    Fall is my favorite time of the year but up on the mountain it looks like winter!!
    Great photos!!!

  5. Hard to beat the the clusters of golden Aspen's.

  6. Some days going home is the best choice.

  7. I understand completely. I hate cold too. We are at an age where we have choices.

  8. In order to get a building permit for an RV park, a train and a major highway has to be within listening distance. It's required for sure.

  9. It seems like there is always an airport, a train, or a freeway. Sometimes it's all three. It looks way too cold to be where you are.

  10. I love the view out of your window. With out the train it looks like a huge medieval castel, all the pictures are wonderful and yes it looked cold.
    I think by time you back to AJ it should have cooled down nicely

  11. Some very nice scenery, but like you not too crazy about the cold at all. keep warm.

  12. I:m with you, time to turn around and head to the warmth but the photos you took are so lovely.


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