Saturday, August 5, 2017

Radersburg, MT–An Almost Ghost Town

Canyon Ferry, MT   High  88  Low 61

The wind decided to roll on through and Jim does not go out in the boat when it’s windy. I decided we needed to take a road trip and visit another almost Ghost Town.

This inmate escaped his prison but you could tell he really wanted back in.


We stopped at the next farm down the road to let them know he was running loose and found it was an Amish household. A young lady was playing with her brother and we told her about the cow. When we came back, he was off the road.


After that adventure, it was on to Radersburg. Radersburg was named after Reuben Rader who was appointed one of the first county commissioners when Jefferson County for formed in 1865.  He deeded 40 acres of his land and laid out the town site in 1866 and it became a town in 1867. I wish I had known that they were celebrating their Sesquicentennial last week-end. That would have been a good time.

Radersburg was established in the Crow Creek Valley surrounded by the Elkhorn Mountains.



The schoolhouse was built in 1913 and now serves as a community center for the town.


In 1869 Radersburg became the county seat of Jefferson County with a population of 1000. There are currently 65 folks who call Radersburg home. 

The old pictures are from the Radersburg Historical Society.


Radersburg was an important stage coach stop but with the coming of the railroad and the development of Toston and Townsend, along with the  decline in the price of gold and other minerals by 1884 it was no longer a shipping center and lost the county seat to Boulder. 

Radersburg Main Street

This building was the Night Owl Bar.

Radersburg Night Owl

Jefferson Masonic Lodge No. 15 Chartered November 1, 1870


In 1871, the town could boast "a first-class hotel," the two story log Freemont Hotel.


This Historic Methodist Church was built in 1917.


Do any of you remember the actress, Myrna Loy? She was born here in Radersburg in 1905. One of her best known roles was Nora Charles in the Thin Man.


The pups really enjoyed getting out also.



  1. We have only been to one ghost town. Barkerville is west of Quesnel, BC. It was too coomercial for my liking.

  2. Some of the ghost towns have very interesting beginnings, but their endings are somewhat sad.

  3. Love ghost towns. I remember Myrna Loy, as they just finished a little series on PBS for a couple of Sat.
    Has it cooled down any in MT.

  4. Never would have thought you see the Amish in Montana. Some of the ghost towns have very interesting histories.

  5. It's always fun to investigate the history of those old towns, thanks for sharing.

    Pups look to be enjoying family time exploring.

  6. I'm surprised to see a tractor parked at an Amish farm. Always interesting to visit these living history places.

  7. That ghost town doesn't look all that old. The schoolhouse looks in great shape.
    Never heard of Myrna Loy. Maybe that is a good thing. It might show my age if I heard of

    1. It and other buildings are being lovingly restored and preserved by Radersburg Historical Preservation Inc. An amazing group of people!

  8. I enjoyed the photos of the town, but even more of the cow. When I lived in a farmhouse in Ireland the cows and bull were always up to something. They are fascinating to watch if you have the time to sit and observe them.

  9. What a fun place to visit. Great photos.

  10. What an interesting find...Radersburg!! I love reading the history of these "ghost towns."
    I thought it interesting you found an Amish family in this area. Are there communities there?
    I'm afraid I gave not heard of Myrna Loy!!
    The babies look like they are enjoying themselves!!

  11. Crikey ..... that joint looks great. Mum would love to have a wander around there. She knows that Myrna Loy sheila. The thin man had a wire haired fox terrier in it and Mum had a wire-haired foxie before I came along.
    Mum said if you want some tips on crate training Rocky Jo to give her a yell. I was awful difficult to train into my crate but I got there. It's now my favourite place to hang out. Mum took it pretty slow with me and the best part was she would throw bits of cheese in it when I wasn't looking. I LOVE cheese!!!!!

  12. Great tour! I just love those kinds of towns with interesting history and a rather sad ending.

  13. Good thing you stopped in time, that cow would have made a lousy hood ornament... ;c)

  14. We actually made it to their celebration! We travelled from Ontario, Canada to be there for it as my husband and son are direct descendants of Reuben Rader! Loved finding your post! It was a great party! A wonderful group of people.


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