Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Month Is Up

Canyon Ferry, MT  High 86  Low 53

It’s hard to believe we have been here a month already, but we head out tomorrow (Friday). Jim and Rocky brought us home several fish that are now residing in our freezer. For Skitz and I, it’s been a relaxing time. However, next year we have reserved our spot for two months. Jim is really excited about that.

This post is going to be mostly pictures of the pups. Odds and ends.

Rocky Joe is waiting for Jim to get ready to go fishing.


He finally gave up and slept until the boat was ready.


Where’s my treat Mom?


Hey Skitz – I know how to beg properly.


My crate training is coming along pretty good. I even go in by myself and lay down once in awhile.


Skittlez really doesn’t like to have her picture taken and usually turns her head just as I push the button.


This is what happens when you don’t have teeth to keep your tongue in your mouth.


Rocky does not understand personal space. He just plops down usually on top of Skitz.


This RV from France spent the night in our campground.


Even with this ladder I don’t think I could climb in and out of it.


Love these old abandoned buildings.


We also got a chance to meet up with Diana (Life On The Open Road) and had lunch at the Flamingo Grill which is part of the KOA. They have excellent sandwiches. Diana travels with the WINs – Wandering Individual Network – and part of their group was parked at the state park just down the road from us.

We had one last dinner with my sister and her hubby at the Big Buck Grill. Of course, we’re going to be back to see them shortly.

And now it’s time to move on.


  1. I absolutely love old abandoned buildings. One day I will see if I have my Dad's talent and paint one. Right now it's just photographs.

  2. I surprised you didn't reserve three months next year.

  3. The pups are looking good. And I to love old abandoned barns and houses.

  4. I look for the old buildings too. Buck's tongue hangs out even with teeth!

  5. Time does fly when you are having fun, enjoy the places you love.

  6. Great shots of your kids Sandy. If you ever did get into that rig, looks like you could go where ever you wanted to camp.

  7. Pup pictures are always fun to see. I bet Jim is happy that Rocky still has that fishing luck. :) Safe travels to your new location.

  8. Fun photos. Our girls had their tongues hanging out on occasion.

  9. ROcky Joe is hilarious! What a great pup he is and how great a companion he is for Jim. Dogs sure fill up your life. :c)

  10. Dogs are so social and just love physical contact with another warm body! How is Rocky's barking lately? We have a couple of new dogs here that bark incessantly - I just close the doors & windows and turn on my swamp cooler, although I go to sleep with the sound of barking!


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