Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Moving Northwest to Missoula

Missoula, MT   High 82  Low 56  Smoke everywhere

We left Canyon Ferry heading for Missoula. But due to my lack of planning, we couldn’t get into Jim and Mary’s RV Park in Missoula until the next day and we couldn’t stay at the Canyon Ferry KOA any longer because they were booked. So what to do? We were able to get one night at the Riverfront RV Park in Garrison, MT which is about half way to Missoula.

Took cloud pictures cause I love clouds.


We had a few reasons for wanting to visit Missoula. Our good friend, Dianna, sold her home in Phoenix and moved to Missoula to be closer to her daughter. I also have a classmate who lives in Missoula with her hubby. I wanted to catch up with her and meet Mike. There was also a bunch of sight seeing I wanted to do.

Another old building


Our travel day was 60 miles up and over McDonald Pass. Pulled into the Riverfront in the early afternoon. Nice park. The camp host greets you and helps get you parked. Then they take your payment right there at the site so you don’t have to go to the office. Site was long enough we didn’t need to unhitch.  Lots of empty spots but by night time they were all full. Saturday morning they had a ham and egg breakfast with hashbrowns for a donation. Jim was so excited because he didn’t have to fix breakfast.

That’s smoke ruining my picture.


The one bad thing about the campground was the fact there is no over the air TV. It just isn’t worth it to set up the dish for one night so we both did some reading. Took our time getting ready to go because once again we only had about 60 miles to go and we couldn’t check in until after 12:00.

Almost everybody we’ve talked to that have stayed in Missoula has stayed at Jim and Mary’s RV Park. It is a beautiful park with lots of flowers and well maintained sites. We were in the back row which was nice because the trees weren’t as thick back there. I prefer open spaces. And this is my personal opinion – I would prefer a not so fancy park and a less expensive price. The site was almost $42 a night. But that is pretty typical for an RV park in Montana cities.

Had dinner with Dianna and made our plans for the next day.


  1. Can't wait to pay for American sites. $42.00 is pretty normal in Canada.

  2. Go to the Smokejumpers Visitor Center. Very interesting. Bretz RV also has a nice dump station and water fill up facilities. We stayed there a night too.

  3. I like clouds too!! They always have something special to offer and none are exactly the same!!
    Glad you found a good spot for the night!!

  4. Our satellite setup is the push of a button so even one night we go for it.

  5. We just came down through Calgary today and the smoke was horrible. Heading for Big Fork tomorrow and hoping for clearer air....

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  7. I don't like the $42 a night sites either but they all seem to be inching up in that direction.

  8. Not bad driving days I like slow easy days. I love the old building but wonder what that tower thing is for. To bad about the smoke and ever worse that those fires are still burning. Sure wish they could have had some of the rains we had.

  9. Ham & eggs and hash browns, yum!

    One of things I love about our new apartment is the big windows that let us watch the clouds and the moon rising and rain. Wish you could have had the rain we did today to help settle the smoke.

  10. Enjoy your time there, it is hard to find an Rv park in Ontario for less than $50.00 a night, those rates really add up when you are full-time. That's why we enjoy the southwest.

  11. We stayed there earlier in the year. I thought it wasn't as neat and tidy as it was in the past. Maybe it was the time of the year but it really needed to be mowed.

  12. I love your photos today. Beautiful.


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