Sunday, September 20, 2015

Helena Wrap Up

Billings, MT  High 84  Low 51

Our last few days in Helena were pretty quiet. Jim went fishing a few times but the only thing caught were small walleye that he threw back to grow up. However, he did see this eagle.


We took the girls to Rods N Dogs for baths. Love this place because it is so much easier on the back.


Can anybody tell me what kind of butterfly this guy will turn into?


The girls were looking for any warmth they could get. Whether it be in front of the heat vent (it got down to 37 degrees one night so it was cold)


Or in the sunshine


I went to dinner with my friend Wendi from work and we had a great time catching up with each other. She still has a couple of years to go before she can retire so I love to give her a bad time about it.

We left early this morning to head to Billings. Helena was supposed to get 55 mph wind gusts this afternoon and I wanted to be well out of the way. We are now parked in the kids’ driveway for the next week.


  1. With wind gusts that high, I'd want to duck behind something too. Enjoy your time with the "kids".

  2. Love the Bald Eagle shot. Visiting with the kids will be nice for a few days. Those self doggie bath places are great.

  3. When we had Whiskey, I had always wanted to go to one of those doggie washing places but we never did. :-(

    Have fun with the family.

  4. Nice to catch up with friends and family and stay off the roads when its that windy.

  5. At least Jim didn't catch a cold...hehe

    Your kids are exactly like Bella. She seeks the warmth on cold days and nights.

    Enjoy visiting with the kids.

  6. I've noticed those dog baths a lot this summer. Tell the kids "Hi" from us. Safe travels.

  7. By the high temperature on your post, I see it's actually warmer there than I thought it would be by now. Have fun visiting.

  8. By the high temperature on your post, I see it's actually warmer there than I thought it would be by now. Have fun visiting.

  9. Be careful with those winds. We always called those wooly worms and some locals use them to predict the winter weather. Here's a link -

  10. I just love kid's driveways that are big enough for our RV. :c)

  11. Every time you move in Montana I look it up on the map. Our daughter recently bought a fixer-upper in Anaconda and I can never remember that the nearby city is Butte. Montana is so big that near by has different meanings there. But, it looks like us potentially visiting our daughter while you visit your kids does not put us near by. Shucks.

  12. Me, too, looking forward to seeing you! Can't wait to get to AZ. This will be a test for Doug so it will be good to be in one spot for the 4 months to see how we manage. So far so good. I am just so thrilled to be 'mobile' again!!

  13. Of course they are sitting in any warm place they can find, LOL. Our girls fight to see who can get in front of the RV heat vent. Enjoy the visit with your kids.

  14. Soon you will be back in AZ's sun and warmth.


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