Monday, February 2, 2015

Back in AJ

Apache Junction, AZ – Rain and more rain

After leaving Quartzsite we went back down to Yuma. Toni and Doug had saved us our favorite spot out on the BLM 14 day parking at Pilot Knob. Jim had one more trip over the border to see the dentist.

One more beautiful Pilot Knob sunrise. 


His appointment wasn’t until 4:00 p.m. and the dentist was running about an hour behind. Thank goodness all he needed was to have the permanent crowns installed. We finally were ready to cross the border about 6:00 and there wasn’t a single person in line ahead of us. In fact, there were only about 20 cars in the parking lot.

While we waited for the dentist, Jim ordered some new frames to replace the ones he had broken. We had to go back on Tuesday to pick them up. Decided I wanted an extra pair of glasses also. We went to Algodones Optical and I ended up with two pairs of bifocals for $210. I, of course, had to pick out the most expensive frame they carried. Hoping next year we don’t have any dental work because I would like to get both of us an extra pair of sun glasses.

Because of my glasses, that meant another trip back across the border on Wednesday. That worked out really good because Karla and Eric had never been to Algodones and we met them at 10:00 to show them how hard it is to get into Mexico – NOT.

Karla ordered new glasses while I picked mine up. Then we met up with Marsha and Paul for lunch at Pueblo Viejo. Toni and Doug recommended this place and it was really good.

From the left: Paul, Eric, Jim, Me, Karla and Marsha. Thanks for the picture Marsha.


We left Eric and Karla in the very capable shopping hands of Paul and Marsha and headed home to the girls.

Thursday morning we hitched up and headed back to Apache Junction. After three weeks in the desert I was really ready for a long, hot shower without worrying about filling up the gray tank or using up the fresh water.

We got back, unloaded all the necessities, and got the Bungalow parked in its spot before the rain started. Sure glad we came back when we did because it has rained and rained and rained. Yesterday AJ got over and inch and a half of rain. And we’re still seeing rain today.

This is our water retention area which is usually dry enough for everybody to play horseshoes. Not so today.


We’re hibernating for a few days. Need to go check on Aunt Happy and catch up with a couple of other folks next week. Until then I’m reading.


  1. Always a fun time at Pilot Knob and Algodones.

  2. Isn't this weather just amazing! It rained here in Borrego Springs the first day. They said it rarely rains here this time of year, but it will make the desert gorgeous this spring.

  3. Nice photos, and I LOVE the Pilot Knob sunrise!!

  4. With all your Mexico visits I bet you're getting pretty fluent in Spanish... ;c)

  5. Wish we could have joined you, but I knew when enough was enough.

  6. Enjoy your "ME" time. Everyone needs a little time to themselves. That puddle of water looks like a lake. We certainly have had a bunch of rain for this area.

  7. Some day I hope to get to Algodones!

  8. Glad you had rain as well as we boondockers in Quartzsite!

  9. Welcome back to AJ. East Mesa is homebase for us. The rain was nice, but I'm glad the sun is back. We'll be heading out later this after I get over this cold.

  10. We were lucky then. Hardly any rain here at Pilot Knob.

  11. Wow, Sandie! You scored on the glasses--we're definitely going to go down there next year. Gosh, a long hot shower--that sounds so good! Hope things have dried out so folks can get back to horseshoes! The desert smelled wonderful after the recent rains.

  12. We got a lot of rain in the west valley too

  13. Trying to catch up with you and see where you all are... Looks like you get some great deals in Mexico....

    Beautiful sky picture from PIlot Knob.

  14. I cant wait until I get to spend my winters in Q.


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