Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Finally Remembered to Use My Camera and Then I Forgot Again

Apache Junction, AZ  High 80  Low 53

Last Saturday Jim and I took a ride up to Bartlett Lake. Jim wanted to check out the boat ramp and I wanted to see what the camping was like. This post is going to have lots of pictures because I was having so much fun with the camera.

Some of the homes along the way.


It’s a beautiful drive through the desert which is a two hour drive from our house. Jim probably won’t make a trip up there for just a day of fishing. If he wants to fish Bartlett, we’ll take the Bungalow up first and then he can come back and get the boat.


The water level is way down on the lake but there were still a lot of boats out on the water.



The boat ramp


Several RV’s parked on the shore. This is where we would camp.


At the entrance to the boat ramp there was a sign showing a campground off to the right. We wanted to check it out. Let me tell you – not anyplace I would try and take our rig.


In several places the very rocky dirt road was only one lane wide (can you imagine meeting up with another RV?). In a couple of places I was really glad we were in the truck. It’s six miles back into the campground.


The campground itself is supposedly by the river but you can’t see the river because the weeds are about seven feet high and so thick you couldn’t cut your way through them. There were a couple of tent campers and one pop up which surprised me.


But what surprised me even more was the Class C that was headed down the road as we were leaving. We found a place where we could pull over to let them go down. I certainly wished them lots of luck. Not sure if there was even a spot big enough for them at the campground.

Lots of cactus



Do you see a river in there anywhere?


The dam


I loved seeing this saguaro sitting so proudly on top of the mountain.


See what was following us. Can I keep it Jim, please??? 


We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and saw some beautiful country.

Then I put my camera away and forgot all about it again.

On Sunday Toni and Doug pulled into our park to spend a few days. Monday afternoon we picked them up and then met Jeri, Terry, Sharon and John at the #1 Eastern Super Buffet for dinner.

Tuesday I had a happy hour at our house because there were several folks who wanted to visit with Toni and Doug. Once again, no pictures, but we had 13 folks enjoying themselves.

Tonight Toni fixed us a fabulous chicken pot pie dinner with the most luscious peanut butter pie with an Oreo crust. Soooo good. They are leaving tomorrow and we wish them safe travels as they slowly head back north towards Canada.


  1. I think Jim should buy you that little red car!

    Wellll, at least, with all those weeds, one would have plenty of privacy.

  2. cute little car! wonder if you could tow anything with it?..probably not!
    the two of you have been busy having far too much fun!

  3. I was one of those 13 at the little happy hour at Jim and Sandie's... And as per usual, she under plays the nice party that she managed to throw for us.... Thanks Sandie....

  4. You bare having too much fun there, wish we could enjoy some of that weather too.
    Your pictures help.

  5. I have no idea where Bartlett Lake is but figure it must have fish in if Jim is thinking of taking the boat there.

    Getting together was fun. Sounds like we're going to be doing it again soon too.

  6. Peanut Butter pie with an Oreo crust....Wow, now you got my attention:))

  7. We will certainly miss you guys. Thank you.

  8. Sounds like it was a good idea to check things out first.

  9. I love looking at saguaros also. Super photo!

    What a beautiful day for a drive. And I love looking at any number of photos so keep that camera by your side.

  10. First I want to say that the photo of your dogs at the head of the blog is fantastic. Those faces! The news about the pie is very mouthwatering!

  11. You mean your trailer isn't a high clearance, four wheel drive vehicle? :cO

  12. The lake looks so pretty. I certainly wouldn't mind camping there for a few days !

  13. We would probably be crazy enough to drive down that road. We have done some pretty crazy drives before and if it means getting to a great camping spot with very few people around we would be willing. Having said that if we aren't sure a first, Kevin would probably ride his bike down the road first just to make sure we could make it.

    Sounds like you had a really good week.

  14. I love the area. Hubby and I are looking to winter somewhere. Scenery looks gorgeous!

  15. Nice pictures! I love the swirling clouds against the blue sky. We have been to that lake and I can't believe how far down the water is!!

  16. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful place, Sandie!


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