Sunday, February 15, 2015

Late Night Johnny’s

Apache Junction, AZ  High 81  Low 54

I told you in my last post that we wanted to go to Late Night Johnny’s but it was closed. We have a Groupon for the place and it expires on Tuesday so on Friday, Jim called to find out if they were open at lunch time. Johnny said that the high school kids had just cleared out and to come on over.

late night johnnys4

Well, let me tell you, he makes incredible food. I had a burger and it ranks right up there with the one we drive to Porter’s in Superior for. Jim had a steak sandwich which was excellent and the steak was really tender. The fries are fresh cut which are my favorite.

late night johnnys2

Johnny gets all his meat fresh each morning and when he runs out of food he shuts the restaurant. Makes it kind of hard to figure out when you can get there but we will definitely go back.

John Wayne was playing on the TV. Notice the antenna.

late night johnnys1

The other problem is the parking. There is only parallel parking on the street. Not a problem when we got there about 12:45 for lunch. We parked right in front. But I could see it being a problem later in the evening and it’s not the best neighborhood so lunch would be the best time to go.


  1. WOW! You parked in front? When we drove by no one was parked on the street at all. I'm glad you finally got to go.

  2. Sounds like we won't be going to Johnny's. Ever parallel park a 350 dully?

  3. Interesting way to run a restaurant. Fresh cut fries, hmmm.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful place to eat. Out kind of place for sure.

  5. That sounds like a special and tasty place!

  6. Never knew that John Wayne bears a striking resemblance to James Arness. Must be that antenna... :cD

  7. We're always looking for a good burger! And I see Coke. To me, any place that serves Coca Cola, I'm there!

  8. What a neat place.. There's nothing better than a good ole burger at a 'local' joint... We had a favorite burger place when I lived in New Orleans. I've never had one as good since then..... YUM..

  9. Sounds like great food--fresh cut fries are worth any kind of effort.


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