Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bungalow Living

Helena, MT  High 92  Low 54

Nancy asked me a couple of questions and that gives me something to blog about.

Nancy wanted to know if Jim was a fly fisherman. He has done some fly fishing but he much prefers to sit in his boat and troll for fish. Especially now that he is older because fly fishing is much harder on his back.

She also wanted to know what we thought about living in the Bungalow after two months. We love it. It really is the perfect length for us (23’) and with the one slide, we have more than enough room.

However, there are a couple of issues. The major problem is that the couch is so uncomfortable and we both have back aches from sitting on it. The bench seats aren’t any better. I’ve found that if I sit with my feet on my step stool (with a pillow on top) that I have less problems. Still not very comfortable. We ordered Jim a new folding rocking chair. It fits between the couch and the bench seat and works so much better for him. Makes for interesting contortions as we move around in the rig but that can also be a lot of fun.

The other big problem is mine, not Jim’s. I can’t reach anything. I can’t even reach to plug in the toaster if I don’t stand on my stool. I also can’t reach to turn on the fan which is over the bed. My sense of balance is really lousy so I can’t climb up on the bed to reach it.

Other than those issues, we love our Bungalow. The Hensley Hitch is incredible. Can be challenging to hook up if the ground isn’t level, but when you are towing, the camper doesn’t sway at all. Jim thinks that with this hitch, the Bungalow tows better than the fifth wheel.


Last week was my sister’s birthday so we took her and her hubby out to dinner. We let her pick and she picked Mexican. Only problem is, she doesn’t really like Mexican. Took me forever to figure out that she was trying to please her husband. Sometimes I just don’t get their relationship. If it was my birthday, I certainly wouldn’t pick a restaurant just because Jim would like it. It would have to be my favorite. He can pick the one he wants on his birthday.

Anyhow, it was pretty good. Judy ordered tacos with ground beef and no tomatoes. Came out with tomatoes so she sent it back. Second time it came out with no tomatoes but chicken instead of the beef. She didn’t want to “create a scene” so she didn’t send it back. Once again, I would have sent it back. Can you tell that we may be sisters but we have very different personalities.

We’ve have some beautiful sunsets this summer.


Mom, stop with the pictures.


Did you say go hunting?


Had a couple of small bucks trot by the rig this morning and then on our way home from church, wandering down the roadside on one of our busiest streets, was a momma with twins, both of them still with their spots. Didn’t have a camera.


  1. I think we get used to what we want to get used to and we're fine with it. Get used to something big might be a little more difficult. There's a lot more cleaning to that and more holes to hide things in. Have you thought about getting a more comfortable couch? I use my folding stool for everything above my head. That's just the way it is because I know I'm not growing any taller.

  2. I think if it was your birthday, you'd want a hamburger.

    Glad the bungalow works so well for you. I love that fact that you aren't going up and down the steps and that it has two doors.

  3. I think I'd even pick McDonalds over a Mexican place for my birthday dinner.

  4. Hi there, I love hearing about your Bungalow... Sounds about perfect. Don't think we'll ever be RVer's (Heard too many horrible stories) --but if we ever do, we'll choose something smaller like that...

    Hope you can get a new sofa --or at least get some more padding/pillows to make it comfy...

    I'm like you... I'd choose where I wanted to go --if it were my birthday. We like Mexican --but not the spicy stuff. We usally get Fajitas for TWO (chicken) and share it... There's so much that we take it home for another meal for both of us.


  5. Tell you what....If I am able to choose, I choose what I like. And the same goes for John. The thing is that we do like the same things most of the times.

    Get yourself another sofa, girlfriend! Life is too short to be uncomfortable.

    I am so accustomed to using a stool to reach things, it's like the stool is part of my legs.

  6. Nice to hear you're happy with your little bungalow. Shows that bigger isn't always better.

    And good choice on that Hensley Hitch, I think they're the best on the market. Over the years I've seen several trailers and trucks laying on their sides because they didn't have any kind of load leveling hitch and the trailer swayed so much it turned them over. Cheap insurance. :c)

  7. But you didn't say if they got your mexican order correct..... Without Cheese!!

  8. Was curious how the bungalow was working, thanks for the update.

  9. Yes, I would pick my favorite, too. Glad the Bungalow is working out so well for you. Love the photos of the dogs. Such personalities! :)

  10. Nice to here that the bungalow works well for you guys.

  11. So what you're saying is you need to rip out that couch and put in a nice comfy double recliner. It's always something.

  12. I think 23' would be a bit small for me. I need so private space to get away from Paul...oh did I just say that out loud...hehe

    Don't worry, Sandie. One day you will grow

  13. I think 23' might be a bit too small for me. I need some private space to get away from Paul...oh dear, did I say that out loud...hehe

    Don't worry Sandie. One day you will grow

  14. Finding the right place tosit is often hard in an RV no mater what the size. Many people with hugh fifth wheels replace the furniture with big recliners. I am tempted to replace our couch with a recliner, but it might have to wait for a few months. Been doing a lot of upgrades this Spring and Summer.

  15. I'm glad to hear the bungalow is working out. I was concerned the less room might be unacceptable after a while.

  16. "The major problem is that the couch is so uncomfortable and we both have back aches from sitting on it."

    We can sympathize. Two years ago when we got our new Allegro it had an L-shaped couch that looked cool but turned out to be horrifically uncomfortable. Even though it was new, we ended up having them rip it out and putting a couple of Lazy Boy recliners in that space instead.

  17. aw jeeez that's funny, Sandie … how different we all are raised by the same parents in the same environment. I'm with you … can not fathom being that submissive … really?

    I would have sent the second order back also … I don't like making scenes whatsoever in a restaurant. I guess that stems from my parents instilling in my head … about what everyone else thinks! Dad was a minister and we were invited out to eat A LOT … at least every Sunday after church. We do NOT make scenes in public.

    … as I got older? being assertive was something I learned... and liked.

    I'm with the ones who say rip the couch out and put in recliners. We did this in our 5th wheel... the wall hugger type well, one couch and left the other ... tooooo big for me that's why I traveled in Homer... no way would I pull that big ol thing.

    ANd I'll rant s'more … why do THEY put the cabinets and such so high up? drives me insane… and I don't like dragging a foot stool with me everywhere … therefore, the bottom two shelves of whatever are crammed while the upper shelves have nothing in 'em…. oughta be a law.

    beautiful sunset ;) and beautiful little girls …

  18. Love the girl's expressions! You will have all the kinks worked out of the TT by the time you head to VA! We are on the move and I am so ready!

  19. Do you have your travel schedule for your trip back east this fall, especially when you are in the MD,VA, PA area? Our cabin is near Gettysburg, PA and maybe we can meet for lunch if you are in the area. We don't mind driving to meet up with you guys. Keep us in mind.

    What are smithereens? LOL I know the saying.


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