Monday, July 28, 2014

Bungalow Couch Redo

Helena, MT  High 87  Low 58

I’m behind on blogs again but at least this time I know why.

We finally reached a decision on that horrible couch situation. We decided that we were going to spend money on changing the Bungalow or on chiropractors. The Bungalow won.

First of all Jim had to remove the jack-knife sofa.



That left this really ugly blue rug covering the platform. It looks a whole lot better in the picture than it looked in person.


I wanted it removed and Jim said okay.


You can see some of the slide mechanism stuff that makes this platform a necessity.


Then we went shopping. We had talked about putting wood paneling on the front of the platform and carpeting on the top. We found some carpet we really liked and Jim cut up some wood for the front. I didn’t like the wood at all, so I sent Jim back to the drawing board. He decided to cover the front with carpeting as well as on the top. I love it.


Then the big day arrived.


We went from this


To this


The chairs look bigger than they are because of the angle of the picture. We sat in every chair and loveseat in Helena trying to find something that would work. We measured and remeasured and Jim carried his tape measure with him everywhere we went just in case.

We finally decided to try Joslyn’s Furniture as a last resort. We explained to the salesman what we were trying to do and he said, “I have the perfect chair for you. I sell these chairs mainly to RVers.” They are La-Z-boys and the minute my butt sat down, it knew this was it. They are the perfect size rocker/recliner. (I do need to use my stool in order to get in my chair because they sit up on the platform.)

Big problem – they are mauve. Definitely doesn’t go with our blue furnishings in the Bungalow. That is what brought about the carpet removal from the platform. Now we (by we I mean Jim) is going to cover the valance. He took off the side pieces and I really like the fact that they are gone. Simple is good.


P1080815All these changes meant we had to get a different set of steps for the girls to get on the bed. They were used to getting up on the bed from the couch and they can’t do it from the chair. The steps we had were not tall enough for the bed so off to Amazon. Got the new steps and they are the perfect height but the plastic was causing the girls to slide going up or down. Not a good thing with their touchy backs. So we (Jim) covered the steps in left over carpet and they are just perfect.


The fish bedspread just doesn’t go with the pretty new chairs and Jim and I were going to go shopping for something different. But first we had to hit some garage sales with my sister. And look what she spotted for us. It matches perfectly with the chairs and it cost us all of $3.00. It cost us more than that to wash and dry it. (There is just no way to take a picture of our bed without a couple of doggie lumps under the cover.)


Sure makes the dinette benches look really ugly. Hint, hint, Jim.


  1. Can't beat a good La-z-boy reclined, Soon you will have a new bungalow.

  2. I love the looks of those recliners. I would find myself spending most of my time in one of them and never get anything else done! Everything's lookin' good.

  3. Wow---you all have been busy--but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new recliners.. I think you did the right thing ---since we all need COMFORT wherever we are.. AND the new bedspread is perfect. $3???? WOW--what a deal!


  4. We've talked about recliners instead of the couch. Who knows maybe one day. I love your new ones.

  5. LOVE your new chairs. Trailers aren't supposed to be fancy, they're supposed to be comfortable. I have a jackknife sofa--I use it for an extra bed when Susan is along--I put a two inch foam mattress on it, but it could never be used permanently. Sometimes, I wish I had bought a little bigger trailer, but I'll see what happens if ever hit the road, again. Is there anything Jim doesn't know how to do? Love the little doggy lumps in the bed. :)

  6. Ack! I hit send to fast. I was going to say that the Bungalow is looking very pretty. Can't wait to see it. My trailer is plain vanilla. Just as I bought it. I stuck the dog ramps and a spare tire in so I can't even get in the door, now!

  7. Looks like the bungalow is getting a great makeover.

  8. It's hard to believe the difference! I'm glad Bill and I had the honor of seeing the bungalow first. Now we won't recognize it. What a perfect bed covering. I'm now thinking new recliners for us. Do we have to come to Montana for the bargains?

  9. Nice change, but I gotta tell you I get tired just reading about your guys are always busy fixing or improving something. At least the girls seem to be relaxing.

  10. Nice quilt and you can't beat the price. How high is the platform where the recliners sit?

  11. That's great you could work it out. Nothing wrong with a little step stool to get into your recliner.

  12. Love the new chairs. And the new quilt. I have always loved quilts verses comforters because they aren't as bulky.

  13. Wow! Many changes, and making home feel "just right" is SO important! Good for you! We, too, saw it before the remodel so look forward to seeing the new- and-improved bungalow :) Also, finally got around to reading your previous blog... so glad everything worked out with your lost puppy! Whew!

  14. Looks like a great change to me. I would have to have a wider step to get into the recliner but I love recliners when I can find one that fits my short frame.

  15. Way to go Jim....the redo looks fantastic! Now for a nice nap in those recliners. Oh, and I think I hear the fishies calling....

  16. Way to go Jim.....redo looks fantastic! Now for a good nap in those recliners!!!

  17. We had black leather recliner just like those in our MH. Everybody wanted to sit in it because it was soooo comfortable!!
    Good for Jim...he really did a great job getting everything fixed up...of course with guidance LOL!! It all looks GREAT!!

  18. Nice remodel....if you could just get rid of those darn lumps. Lol

  19. I'd love to replace the chair in the Alfa one day. I didn't know lazy boys could fit. Have to start looking. My problem is

  20. looks great! Nothing beats a comfy chair!

  21. love it… glad you made this decision ~ La z boys will last forever ~ well almost …. and you do have to use a stool … ha! and steps for the girls… oh lordamercy … how cute! very pretty bedspread

  22. Our furkids finagle into the pictures don't they.

  23. OMG! So glad the girls were OK! Chairs and bed look great. Y'all have done a great job of fixing up the trailer. Can't wait to see it! One leg is still a bit sore from our unexpected bike ride. A couple of times I didn't think I would make it back. But you read where the pizza and ice cream was just the medicine we needed!

  24. I had a set of those lazy boy chairs in my house for over 20 years, I loved them. My sister has them now. Wish I had room in my RV for one.


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