Sunday, July 20, 2014

Holy Smokes

Helena, MT  High 92  Low 61

Remember when I posted those pictures of our spot.


This is that same view on Friday.


And then on Saturday. Do you see any mountains out there?


That is the smoke from all the fires out in Washington. I feel so bad for all those folks out that way who have lost homes.

Jeff and Tina came to town before the smoke got so bad and we had a really great visit with them. Went for pizza and we won’t ever go back to Howard’s again. Since I don’t eat cheese, I had their chicken basket and it was really quite good, but nobody liked their pizza very much. They had plans to do the tour train, tour the capital building, and take the Gates of the Mountains boat ride.

This dude has been tormenting Scooter.


I dare you to come down off that pole.


Clark Rambling this next picture is for you and Gerry. We stopped for a caramel roll and this outfit stopped at the light. So Jim snapped a picture through the window. Big truck, tractor, a motorcycle, snowmobile, trailer and a car. What more could you possibly need.


I am way behind on reading blogs. Have no idea why I keep running out of time. But I’m going to try and catch up maybe this week.

Yesterday was my birthday. We went to garage sales in the morning and Jim got himself a new shirt and a spotting scoop. I got a couple of books. Then he took me to lunch at the Atomic Café. Another one of those – we’ve been there, done that, and won’t go back. He was going to grill me a steak and corn on the cob for dinner but the wind was so bad we had to put it off until lunch today. It was wonderful.

I also want to say welcome to three new followers: John Smith and Shirley Whitelaw. I don’t see any information about a blog for you guys. Follower 200 is rv_4me however you have a restricted blog and I don’t have permission to see it. Welcome to all of you.


  1. Happy Birthday! How's it feel to have made it to 29? :cD

  2. Those squirrels sure know how to torture are four legged friends:(

  3. I wished you a Happy on Facebook and I wish you a Happy on yer blog! the picture you posted was beautiful but scary!

    HAHAaaaa squirrels love to torment dogs. We had a Corgi/Bassett Hound and who knows what else was in there dawg ... short legs and the squirrels knew exactly how high to get in the tree then look down and chittttter away at ol Booge.. HAHaaa...

    hope it clears up soon... gotta be hard to breath!

  4. Happy Birthday Sandie!
    I can't believe the difference in those two pictures.....that is scary!

  5. Happy Birthday (even if I'm a little late)... Sounds like you had a great day.

    I laughed at that 'rig' you photographed.. What else could one want in this life????? ha ha

    Sorry about those fires in CA.... In 2012, we were at the Tetons ---and couldn't see the mountains due to wildfires around... We want to go back to that area when there's no wildfires...


  6. Belated happy birthday! The pictures showing the air pollution from the fire are astounding. Just how far away is the fire?

  7. Happy birthday, Sandie! I will make note of your restaurant reviews in case I am ever in that area.

  8. Happy Birthday,
    Need to make a windbreak for your grill can us it more often then.

  9. Your smoke reminds me of Yellowstone in 1988.

  10. Hey! Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one.

  11. Belated happy birthday! Your dining out experiences sound like ours. It's a joke between us . . . We say we'll go try a new little place just so we can scratch it off our list. :)

  12. Well, Happy Birthday again. All that smokes reminds me of the time we sent ash your way from Mt. St. Helens. The fires are between us. I've got to say, I'm glad the smoke went east and not west. Sorry about that.

  13. I gotta tell you, I like Fridays view a lot better.

  14. Wow, those are some large Tonka toys on the trailer. LOL

    I couldn't handle all that smoke with my allergies and such. We ran into smoke on our way to Alaska many years ago and it wiped me out.

    Gerry and I wish you a happy birthday and keep them coming. How many is it now? 39 and some months??

  15. I sure hope those fires are not headed your way!

    Love the "I got it all" picture.

    My birthday is Wednesday. We let a restaurant cook our steak.

  16. I know, that fire is terrible. I hope it is our by the time we get to Port Townsend. Happy Birthday! I am at Diamond Lake and feeding peanuts to the chipmunks all afternoon. What fun! Will blog our stray later. Show Jim the pictures of the non-lake! Would he take his boat over that!?

  17. Well a big huge belated happy birthday!!!!
    The fire is awful and so sad for those who have lost their homes.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you finally got your steak dinner!

  19. Happy BD Sandie. I hate to see the West ablaze every summer

  20. Thanks Sandie. I didn't realize I had word verification turned on for my blog. I also find that very annoying. So far I haven't figured out how to turn it off, but I'll keep trying.

  21. We have hundreds of fires in Canada as well.

  22. Happy Birthday! At least all that smoke isn't from your birthday cake ;-) What a contrast your photos show!

  23. Happy Birthday, Sandie! I haven't been reading blogs, either...only when I can grab five minutes here and there. I had an old friend visit for a week. It was so good to see her to catch up. We had a lot of fun.

    There were fires right down to the road when I came down through Idaho. My throat was sore from breathing the smoke. Can't imagine how difficult it is for the fire jumpers. On the way down from through the state new fires kept igniting. I saw one field with tents to house the fire fighters. Helicopters and planes were dropping the orange fire retardant. When they'd get one fire out another would start.

    I was out a campground right across from the Jumper Headquarters when I was in McCall. One can get a tour, but I didn't want to leave Jack. There was lots of activity so we enjoyed watching the planes take off and land. The campground was like a resort--I learned from a friend that it was for sale and was sold one of the days I was there. Beautiful place with an indoor pool and huge lounge. I imagine they turned it into a full fledge resort--don't know that a campground could sustain it. Pats to S&S.

  24. Hard to imagine the smoke would travel all that way. So sad for those people. Happy belated birthday.

  25. Happy Birthday! We had plenty of that smoke over here too a few days ago.

  26. Happy Birthday, Sandie. Boy, that smoke is something, you guys should be wearing masks outside. Love the photo of the trailer with all the stuff on it. Funny! :)


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