Friday, October 4, 2013

The Most Photographed Sculpture in Las Vegas and Shelby Museum

Las Vegas, NV  High 83  Low 59

I think Jim is having way too much fun. This sculpture is at the Riviera Casino on the strip.


Saw these vehicles when we were out looking for the brain building.


They were also at the Mob Museum when we were there. That’s when we found out they are a tour scooter.


The Shelby Car Museum


I went with Jim to this museum mainly because it’s free. I’m sure glad I did because the stories behind the cars were fascinating.

The Series 1 is the only car ever produced by Carroll Shelby from a clean sheet of paper, and built from the ground up. All other Shelbys are re-engineered models produced by other manufacturers and modified by Shelby.


I admit some of the things the tour guide told us was way too technical for me, but Jim knew what he was talking about.



P1070232The 1962 Cobra – the first one built by Carroll Shelby. It has all it’s original parts but it has been painted several times. Shelby only had this one car but several different magazines wanted to interview him about the car. So he would do one interview, take the car back to the shop and have it repainted, and do the next interview. It gave investors and others the impression that he had several of these cars ready to go.

P1070235The story behind the G.T.350-Shelby and Ford reps were having difficult time coming to agreement on some of the specs of the car. Shelby and another guy took a break outside and Shelby asked him how far it was between the two buildings. The guy told him it was 350 feet. That was how the G.T. 350 was named – it had nothing to do with the engine.

Anybody want a Shelby golf cart?


If you want a Shelby, it can take up to two years from the time you place your order to receive the car.

The tour also took everybody out to where they manufacture the cars but no pictures were allowed. The tour lasted about an hour and we both enjoyed our time.

We met our good friends Peter and Steve for dinner and had a wonderful visit with them. However, we also learned that Peter has cancer and will begin chemo shortly. He has a wonderful attitude and is ready to get it over with. I’ve known Steve since 1969 when we met at a business college. He is a special education teacher and the kids just love him. It was so good to see them again.



  1. I really like the tour scooters. So sorry about your friend. It's good he has such a good attitude. I think that's really important.

  2. Doesn't Jim know that sculpture is from an all male drag show?

    Hope your friend will be OK.

  3. hahaa ... men ... hiss on cancer... hate to hear that about your friend...

  4. We certainly understand the cancer scare. We've been there a couple times too. With a good attitude and a little chemo, he probably will lick it.

    Can't believe we didn't see all those butts! I guess Jim had to be the one to find them.

  5. I notice how shiny their brasses are.

  6. OK, you began with "The End" photos! :-) I missed that sculpture when we were in Las Vegas last December.

  7. Always lots to see in Vegas, especially free stuff is good.
    Too bad about your friend but a good attitude really helps.

  8. I knew I wanted to turn to Vegas someday....gotta see that statue!

  9. I am always up for a car place. Donna ha a Shelby 350 before we got married, but she let her first husband have it, She also had a Triumph750 of her own.When we got married she was driving a Mustang mach I, what a tire burner.Vegas is on our list too. Love the statue also. be safe out there and don't take many wooden nickels. Sam & Donna......

  10. Love the statue. I wonder if the "cheeks" on the girls were always a lighter shade, or were they just rubbed to much? :)

  11. Good attitudes are important when you are going through chemo--LoraLee has a very good, strong attitude--not sure mine would be so good! Love the statue and Jim's expression!

  12. Looks like your fun is continuing, safe travels!

  13. Those tour scooters look like fun and a lot safer than 2 wheeled scooters to boot.

    Just tell Jim his fingerprints are now on the FBI, NSA, CIA database for all-time. What an ingenious way to get guys signed up!!

  14. Been to Vegas several times and missed these "beauties" . Missed most of the thing you posted about in the last several post . A reason to return. Sorry to hear about your friend.

  15. I'm shocked that Jim being a GM man would find the Shelby museum so fascinating.

    I'm not shocked at his picture with that sculpture. He did a great job polishing all those buns... :cD

  16. Well, the last time we were in Vegas, was going to be the "last time". Now I'm thinking we need to go back. Not just for that statue either. I missed a bunch of stuff!

  17. I also missed seeing that sculpture when I was in Vegas. Sure do like those scooters.

  18. Jim,I wonder what is on the other side....


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