Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back in AJ

Apache Junction, AZ  High 94  Low 65

We left Las Vegas Monday morning and drove 230 miles which is a long day for us. However, that only left us with 100 miles back to our spot.

We spent last night in Wickenburg at Constellation Park. It’s a city or county park with 31 boondocking sites for $5 a night. It’s a wonderful campground and overlooks Wickenburg so you have gorgeous views.


We were the only ones there and the police patrol the area. Very safe, quiet and beautiful. The sites are huge.



And look at this sunset to welcome us back to AZ. Every picture we took was incredible and I made Jim narrow it down to these two.



We arrived back at our spot about 11:30 and spent the rest of the afternoon visiting and doing nothing. It was wonderful. Going to see Aunt Happy in the morning.


  1. So you're all settled in for the winter. It will take us a couple more weeks.

  2. Gorgeous Arizona sunsets for sure. Now the settling in comes in. Temperatures should start to feel perfect and at least you won't have to worry about snow.

  3. Hi There, Trying to keep up with your travels... We have made two trips west --and the LEAST favorite place we visited was Las Vegas... We just don't like the glitz and crowds.. Glad we saw it one time --but probably will never go back there... Not our cup of tea!!!!!

    That last sunset is AWESOME. Wow!!!

  4. Now you can get out your checklist (or use mine) to set up for the winter. Get comfortable.

  5. Oh how I am missing the Arizona sunsets!

  6. Love the AZ sunsets, couple more weeks and we are on the road heading that way.

  7. We may need to use that campground this winter.
    Beautiful photos.
    Safe travels.

  8. I'm glad the police were patrolling the area around you. I'm sure that kept you on your best behavior... :cD

    Now sit back and relax and enjoy the winter (already???).

  9. Glad you made it safe and sound! Thanks for the heads up about the Wickenburg camping spot!

  10. Glad you made it home safely. I hope to get all of our issues fixed soon so we can boondock and not have to spend so much.

  11. Beautiful, gorgeous, stellar sunsets ... that's one thing about the desert I do love ... those gorgeous sets and rises... man

    hey to Aunt Happy !

    1. Sandie... here's the YouTube address for the Scottie Pinwheel....
      I assume your son's MIL has wifi...

  12. Back home again.....in AJ! I think all that dust out there does help create beautiful sunsets! So glad you are settled and off the road.

  13. I think Wickenburg was one of the few things I liked about AZ. It's a sweet little town.

  14. Thanks for the tip about boondocking sites at Wickenburg.

  15. Nice to be home after being away during the summer. You made it just in time for the "cooler" weather. At least here at Q, and it looks like most places in AZ. Enjoy! :)

  16. Ah, home. At least one definition of that. :)

  17. There's nothing that can beat the beauty of those Arizona sunsets !

    I just checked the temps in AJ - ahhhh nice !


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