Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back To The Future

Las Vegas, NV  High 94  Low 60

Step BACK in time and challenge yourself with our version of video games. Jim and I went to the Pinball Hall of Fame this morning. Rows and rows of machines some dating from back in the 1950’s.

Sidney is ready for anybody who wants to challenge him to a pinball duel.


What a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours. Most of the games are 50 cents. A nice cheap way to bring back your youth.


Neither one of us did very good but Jim did a lot better than I did.


Forward to the FUTURE.


This building is the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, a 100 million dollar neurological research and treatment building, designed by architect Frank Gehry. It seems to me to be melting.

I also wanted to see Atlantis sinking into the ocean but that didn’t happen. We fought our way through all the traffic and the people to Caesar’s Palace only to find out that the production was being renovated.

This is the Fountain of the Gods:


I also wanted orange chicken from Panda Express and we stopped at Sam’s Town which has the closest Panda Express to the RV park. Sam’s Town has a waterfall (Mystic Falls) which comes alive several times a day.


Did you notice Sidney’s cousin up there on the left?


I didn’t sleep very good last night – just one of those nights. So we didn’t go to the Mob Museum today. I want to be wide awake and alert for that one.


  1. loved those ol arcade and pin ball games... the brain building ... jeeeez

    yes... you must be fully awake for the mob museum... mob museum? what's the good looking ... aw too late to google! Buzz ... Legs... rats... Bugsy? that's it, I think so... whatever. I'll learn all about it tomorrow from you...

    sweet dreams ;)

  2. Always o much to see and do there in Vegas even without gambling. Love the Pinball Hall of Fame.

  3. What a building! Are the workers getting dizzy while working inside? Probably not but I do just looking at it. :))

  4. It's a wonder that place isn't packed with folks playing those machines. It looks like a game hall. Terry would definitely love it.

  5. I love pinball machines! That building from the future is way cool! I might need a stop there!


  6. Reliving your wild and mis-spent youth, eh? Wonder how much lunch money your lost in those pinball machines? :cD

  7. We wanted to stop at the museum, but it was closed when we were there. We had two pinball machines while the girls were growing up. All the kids lived them. Kept them out if trouble even in high school.

  8. Looks like fun, I remember playing for hours on those machines!

  9. I'm not much on gambling but there are lots of sights to see in Vegas.

  10. There are a number of geocaches in Las Vegas and some of them take you to interesting places. We spent some time checking them out in town and also out in the country.

    We used to put a pinball machine on the soles of our shoes and level it out little. We'd rack up a 100 games or so and they play them straight until we got back close to zero games on the counter. The owner of the Brown Derby teen center in Gillespie, IL would go nuts when we had so many games won on the counter. He never could figure out what we were doing. Yes, misspent youth.

    Have fun.

  11. Those pinballs machines look like fun - simple pleasures. I think the fella who designed that brain surgery building must have been on some real strong medication - either that or his own brain surgery did not go well!

  12. If you can imagine, our son Jason has 5 pinball machines in his games room right next to this giant tv and drum set. Noisy!!

  13. Love the pinball machines, although I'm not very good at them. Glad you're enjoying the area. I find Vegas both exhilarating and exhausting.

  14. I would love to go and play with the pinballs. We had several requests from parents this year to add some games to the KOA, but the kids would probably want video games. The manager has no plans to add any. And newer games are probably a lot more than 50 cents to play.

  15. I have to admit that during a brief period of early adulthood, I spent a lot of time with those pinball machines:)

  16. You should publish a book on museums! You find some interesting ones.

  17. I'm sitting here watching the Weather Channel and it sounds like you guys are heading in the right direction.

  18. We had a pinball machine in our basement for awhile when I was a kid. We used slugs to play it.

    I wouldn't want to walk into that brain clinic--imagine doing so if you were already having brain problems!!! It doesn't surprise me that it is a Frank Gehry building though; he designed lots of weird ones.

  19. Another place to see in Vegas without gambling.


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