Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Living

Apache Junction, AZ  High 75   Low 49

Okay, once again I wasn’t real clear in my last post. We are in our spot here in AJ, but we’re only here for about two weeks. Then we’re going down to Amado for a Rally. We’ll come back to our spot and Jim is going hunting in NM with his son in November. We’ll stay put til after the holidays and then we’ll be in Quartzsite and Yuma.

After that we’ll come back to our spot and then I’ll figure out where we’re going next and when. We don’t usually sit more than a couple of months before I cannot stand the hitch itch any longer. That’s one of the reasons I like having a spot where we can come and go whenever we want to. If medical issues come up we always have a place to go.

We went to see Aunt Happy. She felt bad because she hadn’t put her eyebrows and foundation on when I took her picture, but when I showed it to her she said it was not bad. She still has some pains from falling but feels pretty good. She’s really glad we’re back and told Jim that she would have a list of things for him to fix the next time we go to visit.

Barbara – I can’t believe I forgot to put her picture in. Thanks for letting me know.


Because we are doing just normal things involved with living, I won’t be blogging as much. I really enjoy those blogs of folks who have such a talent for writing but I’m definitely not one of them.

We had several things quit working on our journey back to AZ this year. Our oven, one propane tank, the generator, the toilet, the door to the microwave.

Jim got into the oven and figured out that a pipe had broken where this piece was supposed to fit.



He went to Ace Hardware and for $6 was able to get everything he needed to fix the oven. I am so grateful I am married to such a talented guy.

After finishing up with the oven he replaced the seal in the toilet so it holds water now. Hard water really does a number on those seals.

Jim had his PET scan today and we see the oncologist next week. I’ve been cleaning house. Boy did it need it. I’m also going through all the cupboards and drawers and getting rid of stuff. I  cannot believe how much stuff I can accumulate in such a small space.

We had a lot of wind and dust a couple of days ago and we just stayed inside with everything shut tight.

Last night we met up with Dianna and Bobbie for dinner. Good to see them again. No pictures because Dianna just won’t cooperate.

And that’s life at our house. Love this picture of Skitz.


Scooter always wants to be covered up and she doesn’t twist her nose when she gets a treat.



  1. Both of those adorable dachsies look like they just need a good cuddle. It sure is nice Jim can take care of so many little repair jobs.

  2. Jim is worth holding onto...hehe

    Are you gathering your stuff up for the table at the Q? I don't know if we are going to have anything to contribute. I just cleaned everything out before we left Ohio.

  3. them there ears.... HAHaaa .... cute doggies. didn't have her eyebrows on... AND foundation. how cute is that.

    and yes... you are indeed one lucky woman to be married to such a talented guy. hope he doesn't kill anything though ... that's right. I don't.

  4. Boy, that Jim is handy for sure. Sorry to hear that you had so many things break, but it sounds like you have the right man for the job!

  5. Cute photos of the dogs! But where is the photo of Aunt Happy?

    That's a lot of things broken, you sure are lucky to have Jim. Can you imagine what it would cost to take the rig to to a repair place? He's a gem, for sure. :)

  6. I know what you mean about not blogging while sitting still. I've had people say they thought I had stopped for good just because I didn't write for awhile. Aunt happy looks wonderful!

  7. Cute picture of dogs...

  8. Nice to get those little projects out of the way, now you get moving about again soon. We plan on Christmas and New Years, near Yuma this year, then Quartzsite.

  9. It is nice to be married to a handy man! Great to get stuff checked off the list. It seems things always have a way of breaking at the same time!

    Aunt Happy looks wonderful....and the pups are so cute!

  10. My fingers and toes are crossed that Jim gets good news from the PET scan!!

  11. Sounds like I'm not the only one with several RV issues.

  12. It doesn't seem possible that you are back in AJ. Where has the summer gone?

  13. Here's hoping for great news from Jim's scan. After all, he's got too much work to do from the sounds of it - plus, there's hunting and fishing - no time for illness at all.

  14. Thanks! Aunt Happy is looking gorgeous as usual. :)

    And Jim, good luck on the PET scan. All good thoughts are with you. :)

  15. Did all those problems occur after we were together in Idaho? John needs to replace the seal on our toilet too. Yesterday, he changed the oil in the Genny and all the filters, and caulked the leak Jim found on the roof. He has one more to do today.

    Aunt Happy looks soooo good!

    Praying that all is well with the PET scan.

  16. Yes, a place to go when you want to go there is really nice. I like having Emerald Cove as my place. I'm glad you like yours in AJ.

    Best to Jim on his results.

  17. Aunt Happy looks amazing !! I also have trouble blogging when I'm settled into a spot and just 'living'.

  18. So it looks like no fishing is on the agenda? How is Jim going to stand it??? ;c)

  19. I am sure my better half would like to have someone around who is handy:(

  20. Hi There, Great photo of Aunt Happy... Pretty lady... Don't know why women think they need make-up all of the time... She's very attractive.

    More RV issues? I keep hearing about people who have RV issues .. We will probably stick with our Prius and the Holiday Inn Express when we travel. ha ha

    Hope Jim gets a good report from his CTScan.

    Have a great Sunday.

  21. Sounds like you got it all figured out for the best.
    Where is your "spot"?


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