Saturday, June 9, 2012


Brigham City, UT

After all the excitement of the steam locomotives, we decided to stop at the Old Grist Mill Bread Company for lunch.  Anytime it says bread, I’m all for it.


We had the best sandwiches on bread that was fantastic. I had sunflower wheat and ended up taking a loaf home with me. They also have several types of soup but we didn’t try any of them. I’m sure they were also excellent. If you get a chance, check it out.

Shelley, ID   H  69  L  48

We almost had a hitchhiker. This baby Robin was just learning to fly and was scared to death. We left him alone and eventually he did move on.


Friday morning we covered 150 miles headed north on I-15. That is the perfect distance as far as we’re concerned. Jim was still feeling good and not too tired.

IMG_4847 We did have to make one stop at a boat check point. They were checking to make sure our boat was clean of mussels so that we would not be infest other waters. Since our boat hasn’t been in the water for several months, we were given the okay to continue our journey.

We were thinking that we would stay at the fairgrounds in Blackfoot, ID because they have really long pull thrus and a beautiful campground area. However, there was a Good Sam Samboree happening.

IMG_4858 So we kept going and found this really wonderful county park with 12 RV sites. It’s the North Bingham County Park near Shelley, ID. Definitely put this one on your list of places to stay. Has 30/50 amp electric and water hookups with a dump site for $18.

Looking away from our rig.


A cloud picture.



  1. I have never tasted sunflower wheat. I love wheat so that may just be a treat I need to sample. Got to find it first.
    Wonderful park! You are kidding when you say long pull-thrus!

  2. there is a Grist Mill in Keremeos..but I don't think they sell bread anymore..just a museum!..glad the two of you found a nice place to park for the night!!!

  3. Bread is my downfall also. Just love it!

  4. Did someone say bread?? me in! So happy to read you are on your way!

  5. Like I have posted earlier I have a special home-bakery across the border. Martha makes the best! I go over there every week.

  6. Watch that bread! I have bread stories from Terry's ordeal. Too much can certainly cause havoc with your system. Gorgeous park and I love those long pull thrus.

  7. Looks like a great spot...I presume that it was a pull thru site and Jim didn't have to back in with the boat?

  8. Sure like to try the bread there sometime. Nice looking park you found with the long pull thrus.

  9. I love the Grist Mill, stop every time I'm heading north or up to Logan. Brigham City is a really pretty town.

  10. You and me both - Bread yum! When I bake it Doug and I have to be careful. We have been known to eat a whole loaf hot from the oven.

  11. I used to be a bread lover and still like the idea of it but my blood sugars came into control when I stopped eating bread, pasta and rice so now it's an occasional special treat. Sunflower wheat might be enough of a treat to tempt me, though, especially if I smelled it baking. :)

    Thanks for the details on the park. It's on my list.

  12. I had a brilliant comment and hit something or other on my iPhone that made it go away... rats

    Obviously I know nothing about potatoes. I just thought the Irish dug em.

    My first comment was so brilliant ... Don't have the strength to one finger type it again... ;) very interesting ! as was the train post !


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