Sunday, June 3, 2012


Just wanted to add a note because of the comments I’m getting on Best Friends. This place is not like going to your local shelter. These animals are loved and taken care of until they are either adopted or die. There are five vets on staff with assistants.

The pens that the dogs are in  open into these huge outdoor areas for them to roam in. The animals are matched (sort of like with a compatible friend so they are not alone. There are certain animals that need to be alone and they have their own area where they won’t be stressed. Dogs are walked and exercised every day to the extent of their ability. They have water therapy for the animals that need it.

The puppy house is used to keep litters together until after they have are old enough to be vaccinated and have learned their social skills. They are subjected to the sounds of vacuums, loud music, and everything that they may be hear in a home so that they have a very successful rate of adoption with only a 2% return rate. 

The cats have these wonderful screened in areas with rafters built so they can get up high. They put water up in the rafters along with litter pans and “kitty condos”. The cats are allowed to wander in and out as they want to. The dog and cat houses are air conditioned (I’m assuming so are the bunny, bird, and pig houses) as well as heated in the winter time.

If an adoption does not work out, the animal must be returned to Best Friends. It cannot be given to a family member or a friend. It comes home again so it can feel safe and secure.

So visiting here is not emotionally hard. You come out feeling wonderful knowing that these animals are being so well taken care of. The only sadness is that they cannot take every animal who needs them.

You can volunteer a day, a week, a month or whatever time you have available. They have cabins you can rent or they have two RV spots that you can rent.

The animals are treated with love and respect. It really is a joyous, noisy, wonderful place.


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if there were more places like this? But, then again, as you know ... we are animal lovers.

  2. Okay...I feel much better. I think I could go there now. I remember reading it on your blog before, but forgot that is what Blessed Friends actually does. Thanks for the clarification.

  3. I always have to avoid animal shelters because it just tears my heart out to see the looks on all those little faces. I become very emotionally attached to animals very quickly, especially dogs. But, the facility you describe sounds much different. If I were to get one visit under my belt I might be alright & do just fine.

  4. Exactly what Al said! Mike keeps me away from animal shelters and such cause I can't stand to see an animal that is not LOVED. This place sounds like a true blessing!!

  5. The reason I thought I'd have a hard time visiting is because I'd want to take home too many new friends, and Emma is challenge enough for me. :)

    1. Same here! Same here! I would take the whole bunch home.....

  6. I was so amazed at how clean and non-smelly the dog and cat areas were. We thought the dogs looked so happy that they were actually smiling.

  7. There is a place like this is Merritt called Angel Animal Shelter. What we have a problem with is the huge price on adopting. About $225 last year.


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