Sunday, June 3, 2012


Kanab, UT  H 98  L 61

IMG_4643 Dianna (my grade school classmate that lives in Phoenix) is also headed to Helena, MT for the summer. She ended up here in Kanab early Saturday afternoon.

Dianna has never been in this area before so our first stop Saturday afternoon was at Best Friends Animal Society for another tour. Last fall when we were here we did only the dog tour. This time we took the regular tour of the whole sanctuary. We didn’t get to spend as much time interacting with the animals but we got to visit the cat house.

The Sanctuary is located in beautiful Angel Canyon. They own 3700 acres and lease another 30,000 acres from the Federal Government.


This is Angel’s Rest, the pet cemetery. It is open to the public and is a beautiful, very peaceful place.


The dog house.


Crate training.



Then on to the cat house.



IMG_4662 Bob (the cat) has bladder problems and his handler helps stretches out his muscles. Bob loves to de-stress by hanging like this. They do this before they express his bladder for him. Have I told you how well loved and taken care of these animals are.


Most of the animals here come in as unadoptable. Either because of physical problems or because of social problems. They also do not take in very many small dogs because small dogs are easily adopted and work well at local shelters because they don’t need as much room or as much food as the larger dogs. The trainers work with these animals and if they determine that the animal will never be adoptable, it has a home here at Best Friends for the rest of its life.

Don’t you just love these eyes? This cat also has bad hind legs either from abuse or being hit by a car.


This dog is Meridian. He is extremely shy and skittish around people. But look who won him over. With the right owner, he would be an excellent pet and I’m sure they will be able to find that right person for him.



  1. they do great work at Best that show!! nice that you got to visit again!!

  2. What a beautiful name for a cemetery...Angel’s Rest. So appropriate.

    I never saw any one do that to a cat for health interesting.

    It looks like Jim may have a new friend.

    I don't think I could visit this place. I am too emotional and would want to take them all home. How do you do it? You are as emotional as I am my friend.

  3. We met a couple of Best Friends workers at Coral Pink State Park which is close to Kanab. They had a couple of their dogs with them out for a stroll. We stopped and chatted. They do great work. I wish we had taken the time to visit their sanctuary but we wanted to get back to the RV before the winds that were heading our way got there.

  4. I got Lady from a place much like this - they took in strays and the ones that weren't adopted had a home for life, and was buried at the cemetery on the grounds.

  5. What a wonderful place for our four legged friends.

  6. I think that would be a very hard place for me to visit.

  7. Oh boy, I just realized that this is a baaad place for us to visit. Maybe not as bad, since it's a no-kill shelter; we wouldn't have to take anyone home with us. This looks like a great place, and I'm getting all stuffed up looking at the pictures.

  8. Tee hee; you visited a cat house. OK, now that I got that out of my system, what a wonderful place! It would be hard for me to visit it too. I would have to keep telling myself the staff there is taking better care of the animals than I could.

  9. So glad there is a place for the animals that have no other resource. I love our four-legged friends and am so sad when I see one abused or neglected. It would be hard for me to visit but I think I would like to anyway.

  10. Neat place, but I'll bet they need all the donations that they can possibly get... It doesn't surprise me that Jim can befriend the most skittish dog....

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