Tuesday, June 5, 2012



Fillmore, UT   H 89  L 68

From 1851 to 1856, Fillmore was the capital of the Utah Territory.

IMG_0234 In anticipation of Utah's statehood, Brigham Young directed construction of the Statehouse in 1852. Original building plans called for three levels and four wings, connected by a Moorish dome at the center. Due to a lack of funding, only the existing south wing was completed.

The Territorial Legislature met there in December 1855 and was the only full session held in the Statehouse. The seat of government returned to Salt Lake in 1858.

IMG_4739 Listening to the weather we heard that a cold front will be moving through most of Utah Monday afternoon and Tuesday. The front is bringing with it wind gusts up to 50 to 60 mph. Needless to say, we did not want to be on the road.

Up early Monday morning (for us) and left Kanab at 8:30 a.m. Arrived at Fillmore before noon and got situated on our site before the wind picked up.

IMG_4729 Got to Panguitch, UT on Highway 89 and had some friends on the road with us. Being modern day cowboys, they were using ATV’s and walking along side the cows to keep them off the road.

We cut across from Highway 89 to I-15 on Highway 20. Beautiful drive with some 8% grades.


We are at the Wagons West RV Park. We’ve stayed here before and really like this place. Long, long, long pull thru sites either in the shade or in the sun depending on what you prefer (especially if you have a dish). The water pressure is the best we have ever had at any RV park. The place has new owners and they have bent over backwards to make us comfortable.


Jeri – they have ATV trails right outside their back gate. There isn’t much to do or see in this very small town. But if you are ever traveling I-15 through Utah and need a place to stay for the night, this is it.



  1. Those dogs are spoiled rotten!

  2. I am so glad everything is good with you and Jim.

  3. Cowboys using ATVs to herd cattle. Mind bending. :)

  4. Oh, what I'd give for a cold front, Sandie!!! What a difference a month makes, huh? So glad you and Jim are living the good life, again. Oh, I'd give my right arm to be in Utah!

    I loved watching cowboys herding when I was out west. Some on ATVs, others on horses--just so much fun to watch--guess because there are no cowboys and horses, here--just cars. :(

    Which one of the pups is looking so uncomfortable? Poor neglected little thing. LOL Let's see, is it Scooter or Skittelz?

    Whenever I go out even for a few minutes, I come in and Jack is always laying where I generally sit. I heard from the vet from Texas, yesterday, asking how he is doing. What a great lady.

    I'm enjoying your travels with you. :) Stay safe in the wind.

  5. butterbean carpenterJune 5, 2012 at 1:36 PM

    Howdy Dixons,
    Thanx, for the great pics and of the pups too.. My cousin OWNED and ranched a mountain in NW Arkansas
    and had to use dirt-bikes to herd his cattle with!!
    We just spent the week-end in my sis's gorgeous Montana Mountaineer travel trailer.. Pet the pups!!
    Hope y'all don't get blown away!!

  6. In my after life I want to be one of your dogs..

  7. Doxie approved, I take it? SOME day we hope to load up and travel to Salt Lake. Hopefully, some day real soon.

  8. Good thing we don't lay like that dog!

  9. We drove I-20 when we there a couple months ago. It was beautiful but that grade!! Besides there was snow on the side of the road too. I think Utah should be called the windy state. Glad you watch that weather!!

  10. Your mention of Panguitch rang a couple bells for me but I have never been west of there. I think Utah has just some of the greatest scenery ever.

  11. It is cold here too ~ 52 today! Stay warm and continue having fun!!!

  12. We are having a cold front too...NO WAIT...it is just Oregon weather. Now we are told...come back in August. It gets really nice then. AUGUST? WHAT?

    You are doing a great job laying out our trip to Utah next year. Keep the info coming and the cool places we shouldn't miss.

  13. Rolling along nice and easy! And you'll be home before you know it...

  14. We stayed in that RV park one time in late December in a raging blizzard--we remember the park fondly--were so glad to find they were open after getting off the interstate. Safe travels. 44 degrees here this morning--better than the 80 plus the last couple days.


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