Thursday, June 21, 2012


Billings, MT   H 83  L 54

That’s what we’ve been doing since we reached Billings. We are parked in our son’s driveway and we’ll be here until about the 8th of July.

Todd and Michaela’s wedding is Sunday so we’ve been doing things like getting hair cuts, having our clothes altered, taking the kids out to dinner, eating out with good friends, shopping, laundry, cleaning house, etc.

Jim got his new tailgate. Remember we crushed ours last December when the fiver fell on it. He also got the parts to rebuild the generator that was crushed at the same time. Now Todd and Michaela have an emergency generator, just in case.

Met up with Judy and Gary for lunch at Siam Thai. Then we caught up with Bill and Carol for breakfast at Perkins. So much fun to see old and dear friends again.

They opened a Panda Express here in Billings last week. We took Todd and Michaela out to dinner and the line was almost out the door. The place was packed but over all quite efficient. They ran out of the noodles so Jim and Todd were just waiting and holding up the line. When the noodles arrived, the wait person started dishing them out to others behind Jim in line. Didn’t go over too well with Jim but he was able to get the point across that he was waiting without scaring everybody. Food was delicious.

And that is how our week here has been so far. Michaela’s Mom and Step Dad arrive today so we’ll finally get to meet them. Tomorrow is the rehearsal and the dinner. Saturday my brother and his family fly in from Virginia. Then Sunday is THE DAY!

I can hardly wait to post the pictures of Michaela in her wedding gown. It is gorgeous.

Have a great day wherever you might be.


  1. I certainly know how everyday things go. We've done a lot of that recently. The wedding is exciting for all of you and even us out here. I can hardly wait to see all your pictures. I'm sure you'll take bunches. Speaking of pictures ... none of Jim letting Panda Express waiting for his noodles!

  2. So Todd is going to have a birthday AND an anniversary to celebrate back to back. Should make it easier for him to remember his anniversary too, but maybe that's just a guy thing.
    Hey, I've remembered ours when my wife has completely forgot, so maybe it's only a "guy thing" for certain guys.
    Should be fun. Hopefully not too too hot, but that could be wishful thinking.

  3. What a fun time for you all!!..have a great wedding weekend !!

  4. Enjoy getting together with family and friends, and hope everything including the weather is perfect for the wedding.

  5. Enjoy the wedding, when ours got married I was so nervous I can hardly remember what happened and it was a beautiful ceremony, maybe with boys it might not be as nerve racking since they don't have a lot of fru-fru to deal Congratulations to you all.

  6. What a fun time. Welcoming a daughter into the family. Enjoy the festivities.

  7. Forget the email I sent you that asked where you were parked. I now know. BUT if you know somewhere in Billings that doesn't cost an arm and leg, please let us know.

    I can hardly wait to see the photos.

  8. And the groom's parents have beautiful and stunning outfits.


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