Sunday, July 24, 2011


MAEC – Montana Automobile Enthusiasts Club.

That is the car club that our son belongs to. Remember, I don’t pay much attention to cars and I had no idea what we were actually doing in Lewistown.

IMG_2405 Saturday morning Jim fixed us a great breakfast of bacon and eggs and we took Todd’s car out to the race track.

IMG_2407 There were about 25 other cars there – most of them “rice burners”, but not all. A mustang and a couple of corvettes were also in the mix.

IMG_2408 The ages of the drivers ranged from 19 to probably late 60’s. They are from all over Montana and a couple come up from Wyoming. There were a few girlfriends and wives but mostly just guys with their beloved cars.

IMG_2418 These drivers are not there to race – except against themselves. They are part of DR.I.V.E. -  Driver In Vehicle Education. They have a road course set up that allows the drivers to test their driving skills around obstacles, at high speeds, and around curves and corners.

IMG_2425 After running a couple of laps, they stop and tinker with the cars and then run another couple of laps. When somebody puts their hood up, everyone comes over to discuss how the car ran and what they can do to make it run better.

I may not be a car person, but as a mother I can certainly appreciate the fact that this is a wonderful, safe way for kids (no matter their age) to let off steam. No drugs no alcohol allowed.

As Todd told me – “This course gives us a chance to do legally what you can’t do legally anywhere else.”


  1. I can see why they like to gather at the course. Sounds like an interesting trip!

  2. Todd's right. At least he's not going to get a ticket racing on a race track. And, Mom doesn't have to worry as much about it.

  3. Jim makes a great looking breakfast!

    The car club looked like fun.

  4. I have always thought there should be more places like this for Kids, (big or little) to go with thier cars... I think overall it would make our roads a bit safer... however, sure looks like a fun day to me...


  5. Sounds like a great idea to me - never heard of it before.


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