Sunday, July 17, 2011


IMG_2349 One good thing about sitting here so long is that we have had an opportunity to visit two very good friends who have had to spend some time in the hospital. Both of them are doing well and should be roaring back into their lives shortly.

IMG_2351 The Billings Clinic Hospital has a beautiful little park area. Very peaceful even though it’s right besides the Emergency Room area. We were able to sit and relax a little after all the walking we had to do in the hospital. Jim really does have a hard time walking very far and we still had quite a ways to go to the truck. I offered to go get it but the offer wasn’t accepted. Very thoughtful of the hospital to offer this bench.

Love this picture of Todd and Michaela's Zoey girl.IMG_2386


  1. it is a real shame that you had to visit the hospital..hope your friends are feeling better soon!

  2. Better watch out Jim is going to want one of those electric scooters. Terry wanted one until he got one. Then, he didn't want it. My brother did. He wanted it until he got Terry's and then sold it on Craigslist. Anyway, that's how it works.

    At least Jim can fish sitting down. That's what's important -- fishing.

    Take care and glad you had an opportunity to visit your friends. They were probably glad too.

  3. That's a nice looking little stream. I think it's important to have restful places like that at a hospital.

  4. It's funny how after all these years later after watching the 'Laugh-In' comedy show on TV that whenever I see someone sitting on a park bench I am still reminded of the skit with prudish Ruth Buzzi on one end of the bench & dirty old man Arty Johnson on the other:))

  5. What a beautiful place just to sit and meditate. Hope your friends are feeling better with each passing day.

  6. You are the angels that come and visit folks in the hospital! That is a blessing for your friends, to be sure. And good for the hospital to offer you angels that peaceful place to rest and restore!

  7. Glad that your friends are doing well and should be back to their lives soon. Love the pictures of the pretty little park there.

    Kevin and Ruth


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