Monday, July 11, 2011


I am so sorry I gave you guys the wrong impression. We haven’t adopted Bailey, even though I want to. The park we go to in AZ won’t allow us more than two dogs. Bailey is the one that I would adopt if I can work out a way to do it. I’ve always said that when Scooter and Skittlez die, if I can handle the heartbreak, I would get a disabled dog or an old dog that is going to be put down at a shelter.

Once again, I’m so sorry I misled you.


  1. I tried to vote. I followed the link but the name as listed on the title of your previous blog never popped up. Then, I put in Montana and it still never popped up. Any assistance there??

  2. Well, it's still a great story just the same. Guess I just didn't read it close enough. I have been known to do that.

  3. I didn't get the impression you adopted Bailey. I got the impression you thought Bailey was very happy where he is now. Which made me feel better.


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