Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sometimes it really does not pay to follow your GPS. We got to Yuma about 3:30 so we figured we would have plenty of time to find the casino and get set up and be ready to go party with Jeri & Terry.
How wrong we were. Instead of turning left at Avenue B our GPS told us to go straight on. I was a little concerned because signs said road work ahead and then road closed. But at that point we were committed and couldn't find a place to turn around. We finally ended up at the end of the road at the Waste Water Treatment Center for Yuma.
Jim got out to unhook the car and try to figure out how to turn the MH around on a one lane road. This very nice man came out to the fence and told us he would unlock the gate and lead us around the inside of the treatment facility and let us out another gate. That way we wouldn't have to unhook and we could get out of our mess. He also told us how to get to the casino without encountering any more road blocks.
He definitely went above and beyond his job to help us out. And if my Dad had been with us we'd probably still be there. Dad was responsible for getting the new water treatment plant built in Sidney while he was Mayor and he was so proud of it. I know he would have asked this guy a million questions about Yuma's system. However, this love of the waste treatment didn't rub off on his daughter. So we took our tour and left.

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