Sunday, March 21, 2010


What better way to spend St. Patrick's Day then with the green twins in Mexico.

We headed for our big adventure of crossing the border into Algodones. This is where thousands of Americans go each year to get glasses, dental work and medications for much less money than in the United States. So I figured I'd check on our meds and see if I could get them any cheaper.

There is a large parking lot on the US side of the border where you can park for $5 for the day. Then you just walk across the border. From the US into Mexico they don't check you out at all. That really surprised me. As soon as you cross the border you are in Algodones and the pharmacies and dentists are right there.

They are selling lots and lots of "stuff" from purses to jewelery to t-shirts, blankets and on and on. After stopping in a pharmacy to check out prices (my drugs are cheaper through my insurance company) we wandered around the streets trying to ignore all the sales people on the streets. We stopped at a Mexican Restaurant to have a drink and some nachos. We had eaten a huge breakfast at the Q casino so we didn't feel like eating anything more.

This girl joined us at the restaurant. Her name is Francesca and she is the owner's pet. Everyone loves her and she gets all the lettuce she wants to eat.

Then we got in line to come back into the states. I was amazed at how rapidly the line moved. We were probably only in line about 45 minutes total. When you get to the border, you need to show them your passport and declare your purchases. Jeri and Terry and Jim all went through without a problem.
Then there's me. I gave the border guard my passport and she scanned it into the computer. Or I should say she tried to scan it in. It seems that there are some numbers missing from the very important line on the passport. So I had to answer several questions as she checked me out in the computer and finally I was able to convince her that it really was me and that I was a good guy. She keyed in the correct information and told me that I shouldn't have any problems the next time. (Whenever that might be.)
By this time the rest of the group was a little concerned about whether or not we would be spending the night in Mexico. But they let me go and all is well with the world.
Had dinner at Panda Express - my very favorite fast food restaurant. This is what greeted us in the parking lot. A huge advertisement for sunglasses.

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  1. OMG I thought we readers might have to send Jim bond money to help get you out of a Mexican jail! That was funny (sorry) that you were the one who got detained. That happened to us years ago going into Canada. Roger was asked to name the governor of TN - he answered incorrectly (the name he gave was an ex-governor serving prison time), but they let him in anyway - guess they didn't know the correct name either.


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