Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We left Yuma on Monday morning making our way back to Apache Junction and full hookups. (Yea!) We had run the car through a car wash in Yuma so we could at least see out the windows, but the motorhome was still covered in all the crude from our journey through snow and mud and rain from Montana.
In Casa Grande there is a Blue Beacon truck wash. They also will wash RV's for a pretty reasonable price. We decided to take a slight detour and stop and get the RV washed. We also had them put on a spray wax and hand dry all the windows. The cost for all of this was $52.
Our home was now back to white instead of brown. Only one problem, by the time we got to Apache Junction (about 60 miles) our front end was covered with dead bugs. So Jim had to scrub them off when we finally got parked.
We will be parked here in the Santa Fe RV Park for the next three or four weeks. Jim plans on doing a lot of fishing and I will be just veggin'. I probably won't be doing a daily post but I'll keep you advised of any plans we might have.

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  1. Funny .. we were just talking about trying to locate a Blue Beacon on our way north.


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