Monday, March 1, 2010


Our friend, Steve, has a beautiful home here in Las Vegas that he calls the Ranch. His partner, Ted, had the most creative abilities and the home reflects his sense of style and beauty as well as just plain hominess. Ted died a few months ago which is one of the reasons I really wanted to stop and see Steve.

I've known Steve since 1969. That's a long time to remain friends especially since our paths went in very different directions - his to California and then back to Las Vegas and mine to California, Montana, Virginia, back to Montana and now full timing.

Steve is also the most generous person I've ever met. We let him know we were going to show up at his house and he had his electrician call us to make sure he would have what we needed for hook-ups. He was also willing to have a 30 amp plug installed but we told him that we could do just fine on 20 amp. So we are comfortably parked in his very large drive way.

Steve loves to cook. He loves to entertain and to take care of people. So when he and Ted bought this house (it needed a complete redo) they designed the kitchen for Steve. Just look at the size of that fridge. And it's completely full. He has two dishwashers, the stove has six burners, and more cupboard space than I could ever have filled.

Steve is also an accummulator (is that a word?). To give you an example, this is just one drawer of his tupperware. He has another one that is as full if not fuller. One night I watched him take almost 5 minutes to decide which set of dishes he wanted to use that night. He loves to make a presentation out of the meal even if he is eating by himself. He is thoroughly enjoyable to be around and will give you the shirt off his back if you need it.

This room is the den. I love these shades of tan and beige. Makes you want to snuggle down in front of the fireplace and never move again.

He also has a guest house and a small swimming pool. Too cold for the pool this visit.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful visit and it is s nice to know we always have a place to park the home when we are in the area.

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