Monday, March 22, 2010


The Q (or Quechan Casino) has really great food. It is located at the exit for Mexico and we decided we would try their $2.95 breakfast special of ham and eggs. This special is not listed on their menu but Jeri spotted it on a billboard as we headed towards Mexico. This was as good as it looks. In fact, it was so good we went back again another day for breakfast.

The second time we went for breakfast, Jeri's and Jim's coffee came in this really strange little cup. Whoever bought them for the casino must not ever have tried to drink out of them. Jeri finally asked for a styrofoam cup so she could enjoy her coffee without wearing it.

The Q also has a fabulous seafood buffet on Friday nights. The line is really long for this one but we got there early and were near the front of the line. Our friend Evelyn joined us. Evelyn and Jim and I go back about 23 years. She also worked for IRS in Washington, DC and came to our rescue when we were trying to buy our first home. It was wonderful to finally track her down in Yuma and get reaquainted. She spends about 7 months out of the year in Yuma and the rest of the time up in Seeley Lake, MT.

Of course, we had to spend some time donating to the casino while we were there. We didn't come out a winner this week-end but we had a lot of fun and didn't lose "too" much.

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