Saturday, February 25, 2023

Thank Goodness February Has Been More Fun

 AJ, AZ - the weather has been lousy. Lots of rain and cold for Arizona. We have a couple of nice days and then a cold front comes through with more rain and a whole lot of snow in the north country.

February has certainly been more exciting than January of 2023.

I had the great fun of a colonoscopy on the 1st. Clean as a whistle. Hopefully the last one I will ever have to have.

On the 3rd Elias James Dixon was born. My heart is filled with  joy for this little boy and his Mom and Dad. I sure wish Jim was here to share this joy with me.  (just to let you know there are actually pictures that aren't baby pictures further down)



February 4th we had a cookout at the Saguaro Ranch. Some of the group went horseback riding but that group did not include me. Such a gorgeous place.


February 7th marked one year since Jim died. I decided to treat myself to a pedicure and a couple pairs of new shoes. The loneliness gets really hard at times. But I'm doing okay. 

 For Valentine's Day my grief support group had a "Gal"entine's Day. We did a lot of laughing and enjoying each other's company along with good food. Really a great time.

There are more adventures to come in February.


  1. Your grandson is adorable--such a cute little guy! Glad you've had some adventures (not the colonoscopy)! Sure wish our weather would improve!

  2. Adorable baby pictures. I liked the pregnancy progression shots - very cute! Glad you are doing okay and having some fun.

  3. Your grandson is so precious. Family looking very happy. Like that you have had a better month and enjoyed some fun adventures.
    We had a half day of wonderful weather today was nice to open the windows and front door for a few hours and get fresh air in the house. But alas tomorrow more wind and rain.

  4. Who cares about regular pictures when there are cute baby pictures to look He is a precious cutie.

  5. That little boy is so cute it hurts me. I did not know there was such a thing as a fiber optic billi light. Technology marches on! Tucson has been cold, wet and windy. I'm officially declaring it the worst winter ever, that I have been here, of course.


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