Saturday, March 4, 2023

More Pictures of Elias and His Family


  AJ, AZ  - the weather is still lousy. Rain and wind and cold. Lots of rain and wind. Northern AZ is getting buried under snow. Interstates closed. Not a great AZ winter.

 Pictures are my only way right now to keep up with all the changes in Elias's life. They grow and progress so rapidly. So I am putting tons of pictures in my blog book.  I'm glad Michaela's family could be with her but I'm also very jealous. I'm having some major dental work done and when that is finally over and healed, I will figure out how and when I can go visit. Can't be soon enough.


He was NOT a fan of his first bath tonight 

His appointment went perfect!! He's in the top percentile of his weight now and the doctor was so happy with him that we don"t have to see him again until his 2 month checkup! 

Todd, Michaela, and Elias on the couch. Michaela's sister Annie, brother Colton and his girlfriend, and her mom, Marybeth.

                                                            Aunt Annie

 I love this one. All that love in one picture.




  1. sweet. Looks like Elias is surrounded by love. What a cutie.

  2. Post away I love baby pictures and watching them grow

  3. Another great bunch of cute baby pictures of a very cute little one...:)


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